FEBRUARY 17, 2019


The theme of “shifting gears” has been in the atmosphere over the past month. Most of us have experienced that when we create a shift of some kind in our noodling or directed activity on something for quite some time – a shift of perspective, approach or venue – things can magically “loosen up”, and we experience an opening, insight or new line of direction to create action or momentum in the field of our attention.

When we over-engage in doing the same thing over and over again along the same track because it is what has worked for us before, or it is what we know or have been trained to do, or it has been decreed as a practice or as the “way things are done”, we can basically dig a rut in the field of our activity, sinking ourselves into a hole of our own making. The energy of our effort then gets over-concentrated, over-cooked and stale. This can be one of the (energetic) reasons why many of the world’s most impactful insights, discoveries and revolutionary upliftings of culture have come through completely unanticipated “accidents” in labs, fortuitous meetings when lives have shifted their patterns and been in a different place at a different time, dreams or during recreational diversions.

Shifting gears is not just an idea or a natural ability; it is a skill and practice. It is also a principle of energy. This past month is particularly colored for energetic reasons by an impulse to investigation and concretization. It is also characterized by a capacity, opportunity and necessity to expand in all directions. This creates ideal conditions for shifting gears and insights into how to do that, which have been revealing themselves in very practical physical ways all the way down to the ground, especially through two particularly notable experiences.


We’ve been part of many occasions of shifting gears over the past few months, including all of our active colleagues moving to different spaces almost simultaneously and several lives making “fresh starts” in some aspects of their lives or health. All of these moves and new beginnings have been part of expansions into next steps as a result of actively trekking, living, learning, evolving and serving through the world of energy as a spiritual path, and all of them required liberations and releases that were not on the radar or registered until the shifts and moves were well underway. We witnessed the frictions in old meeting new and helped facilitate the liberations through our work as energetic agents, not just the liberations in the lives directly involved, but also in the processes, institutions and other lives that were part of the shifts, such as the whole real estate machine in the exchange of spaces (buying/renting and selling/leasing). Through this agency, lives experienced a vision and reality of what is possible when we shift gears on things that seem well-established or assumed to be the only way things are done or the inviolable “rules of the road” because they are institutional.

As we completed our part in these moves and shifts, we shifted gears ourselves and hit the road southward from Chicago in search of a bit of sun and expansion as we emerged out of the surreal matrix of the real estate world. Our first stop proved to be one of the nicest state parks and campgrounds we have experienced anywhere in our extensive travels – Henry Horton State Park, south of Nashville, Tennessee. In the morning, prior to heading to our next stop at a state forest campground in the Florida Panhandle, the conditions were beautiful for a bike ride. The sun was out, the air was crisp, and it was sweater weather.

To make the most of the weather and get our blood flowing ahead of a long driving day, we mapped a 36-minute round-trip route through the state park and out onto back roads on our map app, which informed us that the route was “mostly flat”. This being rural Tennessee, the map app must have been applying a different definition of flat because it was anything but. The road through the park was, indeed, mostly flat with a little undulation here and there, but once we hit the back roads, it was all hills, one after another. After yet another hill, my partner observed, “This is why it’s important to be able to shift gears.” It got us both imagining what doing the ride would be like if we couldn’t shift gears and whether we could even complete it. Such a simple observation, and such a profound truth.

The gift of the bike gear is the gift of possibility and extension of capacity. It is the gift of more efficient expenditure of energy and preservation of resources. When we have gears to shift, we can do more and achieve what is not possible without them. In the world of our mind, we sometimes get so immersed in it that we forget we have alternate gears. We pedal at the same speed, in the same gear, on the same bike, no matter what the conditions, thrashing away to reach our destination, and tuckering ourselves out unnecessarily in the process when all we have to do is remember all those other gears just a flick of the thumb away. On the road, confronted with a hill, we pretty much would never forget the gears right in front of us, but when it comes to projects of our own creation, causes we are deeply dedicated to, pioneering world ideas we are trying to engage lives in caring about, funds we need to raise and efforts to live spiritual lives, steward spiritual values and apply spiritual practices in an excessively amplified material world, it can be easy to forget or neglect the gears as we keep encountering hill after hill in the ascent of our planetary co-evolution.

Why? One reason is because every spiritually-oriented life is working to some degree through the line and community of evocative ideals and the path of dedicated devotion. Dedicated devotion is a line of force. It is a one-pointed mission-driven line that doesn’t waver from the prescribed path of the ideal because of strong magnetic preference for the beauty of the ideal and deep resonance with its truth. When a spiritual life finds its perceived path with its prescribed ways, it is positively difficult to move that life from that path, and it is why spiritual servers are generally such reliably dedicated workers in intention and aspiration, if not always in action. The challenge, however, can be that the world keeps moving and the conditions around the path are changeable, which means that the path and those trekking it need to adapt. But one-pointed lines like to go straight, and many of those attracted to trek them are wired not to deviate from them.

When we’re on a bike faced with a hill in the physical world, it’s simple: we change gears. When we are trekking a spiritual life and mission in the physical world where we may encounter many hills of friction, resistance, dismissal, being ignored or lack of response, we need to make it that simple. We need to equip ourselves with many gears and then apply those gears in creative ways to the conditions at hand. Sometimes the path of least resistance up a hill is not a straight line.



In this concretizing age in which we are now living, the physical world and physical activity will grow in importance for realizing universal principles and gaining insight into spiritual truths. From the past several thousand years of realizing a principle and from it, crafting a law, we are now cycling into an age where witnessing a law and from it, extracting and deducing a sourcing principle, moves into the foreground. Those who love observing and interacting with the natural world will find their wonder delighted and their spiritual curiosity piqued by the lessons the physical can teach us. We can gain much by meditating in a room to contemplate and traverse inner space, and we can gain as much and more engaging spiritually with the rich ground of the outer space under our feet and the people we encounter along the way.

Against the backdrop of the importance of shifting gears and engaging a great deal in perceiving how to accomplish the planetary work we are stewarding in this modern age, we went cross-country skiing out in our “back 40” two days in a row. As with the biking experience in Tennessee, another physical experience with the laws of physics and energy in motion translated into one of those simple and profound spiritual AH-HAs that could take years to arrive at through contemplation and meditation:

The ability to switch gears requires 2 important ingredients:

  1. Accurate perceiving of conditions
  2. Fit gear (the appropriate tools for the conditions)

How did skiing enable this AH-HA?
By revealing 2 simple equations through 2 contrasting experiences.

The first day out was our first day skiing this year. While we spent much of the summer kayaking and have continued cycling as often as possible far into the winter sub-freezing temperatures, cross-country skiing engages a whole different set of muscles, and we have a healthy respect for ramping up carefully into skiing mode. The day was warm – several degrees above freezing – and sunny. The snow was plentiful and wet. The conditions called for waxing the skis, but waxed skis are fast skis, and one of us wanted to start out slowly since it was the first day out. The day was gorgeous, but for the slow starter, the outing ended up being an exhausting slog on touring skis because ice built up on the bottom of the skis and under the boots, and the gorgeousness was lost in the effort. (The other one of us had a better time of it: the metal side rails on their back-country skis kept the skis colder and free of ice.)

While we accurately perceived the conditions on our first day, we chose not to apply the fit gear of the wax, greatly underestimating the impact of that choice. On the second day, we shifted gears. To shift gears, we had to recognize the conditions, respect their impacts, and know the fit gear in order to make the adjustment of applying the appropriate tool.

The second day was equally sunny and just one or two degrees colder. The snow was just as plentiful even though it had melted a bit. Wax was applied, and off we went along the tracks we had made the previous day, which had settled and hardened nicely overnight. Just these small variations and the application of one thin coat of wax made a world of difference, and on the ski back, the slow starter from day one contemplated on the takeaways of that world of difference and how to share the wisdom of the experience as it relates to shifting gears.

Towards the end of the ski, as the pinkened sky deepened into silver twilight, contemplation coalesced into 2 beautifully simple equations that tell the whole story:



Lots of snow + warm temperatures + no wax = like skiing on velcro with the emergency brake on = friction with the environment and opportunity = excessive expenditure of energy and effort


Lots of snow + slightly cooler temperatures + wax = effortless, energizing, magical glide = harmony with the environment and opportunity = generating of energy and reserves

The first equation results in drain.
The second equation results in gain.

And that is the story of the importance and power of shifting gears, especially with spiritual works in a physical world.

It is observed that too many spiritual workers and servers are skiing on velcro with the emergency brake on, either because they are not accurately or fully perceiving and analyzing the conditions, or because they are not applying the fit gear, or a combination of both. Many are observed to be aware of the physical conditions and some of the energetic conditions and sources, but stymied by what constitutes fit gear in our changing modern landscape. Others are observed to be aware of the conditions, but applying gear that was fit for another time. Others are observed to be not fully aware of the conditions, but think they are. And others are observed to be applying gear for the physical conditions, but either overlooking or being unaware of the energetic conditions and the energetic gears that need to be applied.

It is wise to support the connection and bridge between the 4th kingdom of humanity and the 5th kingdom of spiritual lives through meditation or directed energy or to engage in spiritual contemplation on how to advance externalization of the forces of love or to gather at monthly spiritual festivals to hold the thoughtform for humanity to enact new modes of education and governance in the modern age. But if we are not regularly, intelligently and systematically mapping, monitoring, managing and sharing data on the ongoing daily and weekly conditions of humanity’s energy centers, the energy centers of world cities, and the energy centers of the planet through the organization of designated workers assigned to and specialized in supporting specific centers amongst the world’s actively aware spiritual servers and communities of diverse lineages working for the externalization, then we are not yet using all our gears and not yet meeting conditions with the needed tools. If, in our focus on New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo, we are not aware of a next wave of accompanying Aquarian world cities, whose emergence over the last decade as incoming planetary anchors and networked centers of energy has been noted and mapped in places most people aren’t looking, then the full array of conditions remains off the radar and fit gear remains yet to be engaged.

The result? Skiing on velcro with the emergency brake on. If we shift gears and apply the full power of accurate perceiving and interpreting of conditions through intelligent and coordinated energetic analysis, spiritual wisdom and intuitive insight with the organized application of more fit gear realized through collective pooling of resources, effort and energetic realities we know, we can experience and enact a world of difference, and the dual obstacles noted and forecast at the beginning of the 20th century of inertia among the world servers and lack of funding can finally be resolved, opening the way to what we know is possible and meant to be.

NOVEMBER 06, 2018


On this midterm election day in the United States, we re-release our Open Letter from October 24, 2017 on the significance of the current 100-year cycle since so many of its themes and issues raised are even more in play than they were when we wrote and shared this letter last year.

– – – – – – –

In trying to navigate and make intelligent sense of the events we see happening in the world today, there is a clear force afoot that no one in the public eye is really talking about – most likely because the connection hasn’t been made.

What is the clear force afoot, producing so many developments in national and international affairs that have essentially taken much of the world by surprise?

It is this: We are in the midst of a 100-year cycle from the window of the World Wars I and II years (1914-1945) to a current window of 2014-2045. If we look at the forces, attitudes, contrasting ideologies and events present on the world stage leading up to 1914 and through to 1945, what we are seeing today should look very familiar and should come as no surprise. This is a re-cycling of impulsing energies and forces “on a higher turn of the spiral” and an opportunity to more definitely address and resolve what was not fully addressed and resolved in 1914-1945.


Rhythmic cycles are a reality of existence. The earth passes through night and day, which we measure by our experience of the sun “rising” and “setting”. The waves of the ocean move in and out. Stars are birthed and die. The moon waxes and wanes. Humans grow up and grow old. Plants bloom and fade out from season to season. Empires, nations and civilizations blaze and then dim. Species flourish and then go extinct to make way for the next evolutions in species and forms. The planet warms and cools. The heart expands and contracts. The breath inhales and exhales.

The cyclic nature of life is inescapable. But just realizing this is not enough. The cycles are both formed and used by the evolutionary intelligence and blueprint of existence itself to produce world-scale shifts and progressions. It is the ultimate in hubris to think that world-scale events, even wars, are created by man in isolation.

The physically-visible cycles in life and the natural world are easy to accept and believe. Harder for most to accept and believe is the not-(yet)-visible cycles produced by “the hand of the world plan of good and its custodians”, or what is sometimes called the “Inner Government”. This Inner Government comes together every 25 years to “take stock” of human-planetary progress and to adjust the plans supporting 100-year progressions. Modern very high-impact 25-year gatherings include 1875, 1925, 1975, 2000 and 2025.

This is a truth that cannot currently be “proven” according to today’s limited human conceptions of objectivity, but a deep study of history with the energy factor accounted for shows very obvious patterns of injections of new energies to stimulate the realization of new ideas that change our very reality, modes of living and values (e.g., the printing press, electricity, the telephone, the atomic bomb, the television, the personal computer, the Internet…). Amidst many great stimulating injections to prompt construction of the new or destruction of the old to make way for the new, the World War I and II period remains the most significant injection, crisis point and shift in human history to date, and that is what makes this particular 100-year cycle so profoundly significant. This is what makes its impacts so profoundly strong and polarizing. At the threshold of the 20th century, humanity had so progressed, so rapidly, through such great advances in mind, industry and technology, that it evoked a precipitation of purposeful will-to-create not encountered before. It is ever humanity’s free will in how it responds to and wields the interplaying energies we encounter, and the effects of these energies ever depend on how humanity meets them.

In the pre-World War era, prosperity borne of rapid industrialization and a colonialism colored with domination and cruelty had created a widening gap between those with technological power and those with natural resources. Materialism, greed, selfish interests, self-indulgence, exploitation, excesses and vice were how the majority of those with power wielded that power. Communism and socialism logically arose as the seeds of more inclusive living to offset these forces, but they were perceived incompletely and idealistically, implemented inexpertly and impractically, and co-opted by authoritarian figures whose breadth of cruelty and callousness matched the imperialists’ step for step. The political and money leaders of modern humanity (those with social power) generally met the new energies that created conditions for prosperity not with good for all at heart, but with power and profit for the few in mind.

This contributed to a culminating crisis in humanity’s existence and future. Both glorious goodness and careless cruelty are the fabric of humanity’s history, but when the newly-discovered electrical energy, radiation energy and atomic energy were mechanized into highly-effective instruments of mass destruction and met with economic discontent borne of disparity that was cleverly exploited, fanned and manipulated by highly charismatic populist political leaders, humanity reached a pinnacle of exploitable cruelty and truly stood on the brink of destruction. Does this sound familiar?

The parallels between events in 1914 and 2014 are striking:

The parallels continue between 1916 and 2016:

While the particular years of 1914 and 2014 and 1916 and 2016 are especially notable in their overlaps, the entire period of 1914-1945 must be taken into account today as a block of time and forces whose accumulated influence is impacting our current corresponding cycle from 2014 to 2045. That is to say, the ideologies and events that came about in 1918 or 1933 or 1942 as part of the World War I and II period are already present in influencing 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and so on. The “exhausts” of Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, imperialism, colonialism, revolution, isolationism, racism, anti-immigantism, white supremacy, etc. that came about or were heightened through a chronological sequence through the World Wars period are present simultaneously and concurrently throughout this 2014-2045 period because we have moved forward in time and the “unit” that is the World War I and II years from an energy standpoint is fully present as a unit of energy again.

The World Wars created a major shift in world values. These world values now seem to be under attack or in question. The relevance of the United Nations, one of the most significant comings-together by the world’s nations to ensure that the World Wars could never happen again, is being challenged, and it is being called by some leaders in powerful positions to be abolished. Things that were deemed self-evident and worth protecting in the aftermath of the World Wars are being declared by the world leader of a major super-power as destructive and antithetical to a nation “being first” and protecting its own interests. A (now-deceased since the original writing of this letter) Vietnam prisoner-of-war hero whose virtue was unassailable and who was held up as the best of what it is to be American was being scourged and ridiculed and called to retire from Congress (in what proved to be the last year of his life) for expressing views protecting the rights of Americans that are now being considered “un-American” by certain political figures.

Things change, and there is no doubt that what was considered “good” and “right” and “normal or noble” in one era becomes antiquated and obsolete and inhumane or barbaric in another. But while today’s hardening drift into “isms” that separate is completely predictable through a recognition of the reality and impacts of 100-year cycles in world affairs, failure to recognize that a paralleling force of unified will standing for what is perennially good and right – unity, cooperation, dignity for all lives – that was displayed by certain nations in the World War period is necessary again today creates the conditions for a re-opening of a door for the involutionary, regressive forces that were moving through the instrument of nations and charismatic leaders appealing to the lowest of human impulses to rise again.

Not realizing or accounting for the fact and significance of the 100-year cycle of World Wars I and II up to today is a clear example of what happens when we aren’t aware of the energy factor – the interplay of forces and energies – that has been shaping all of human history and is particularly in motion today. In 21st-century world affairs, being unaware or dismissive of this energy factor is shortsighted at best and “riding blind” at worst.

Just about everyone knows the old trope that “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. But learning from history without any sense or realization of the energy factor isn’t really learning much at all. In fact, it guarantees the conditions for repeating such history again and again and again until we finally wake up to the greater forces and sources that shape our existence and future.

JUNE 26, 2018


There are as many ways of making personal progress, exploring personal development and effecting personal healing as there are different human temperaments. Different ways suit different temperaments and generally share a common ground of supporting forward progression, and that is good.

But have you noticed how much the personal is at the center of efforts at healing, transformation, development and progress, even among some highly-conscious spiritual and service communities, providers and guides?

If you do a search for “healing”, “meditation” or “spiritual”,  the vast majority of results will point you to resources for the individual and for self-fill in the blank. Even many communities are still focused more on the unit of the self – in meditation, in prayer, in service, in action – than the community and the wider community of the many spiritual servers all around the world that are, in fact, not separate but variegated facets of One World Work. 

The focus on the personal self is a predictable and often necessary stage in the evolutionary path towards greater spiritual realization and expanded useful service. We do often naturally need to experience things at a personal level that catalyze us to make changes in ourselves before we realize how to apply those changes to our being in the wider world. So many challenges and crises in personal life are actually opportunities to step into the wider world of spiritual realization, spiritual service and the saluting and stewardship of the soul in all lives.

But what if seekers realized that there are 2 key spiritual Laws of the Soul or Group Life that provide a pipeline to personal healing, transformation, development and progress at so much greater a scale and often a so much faster, less crisis-inducing and more meaningful and sustainable process? The life of the soul works as a group life with a different scale of magnitude available to a group not focused on itself or its personal needs. And, ironically, when seekers seeking personal healing, transformation, development and progress are encouraged and equipped to “lose themselves” right from the beginning of their search in spiritual service within the greater World Collaborative and One Work of which we are all a part, they find what they are looking for without all the pressures and over-amplications the focus on the personal can create.

What if all the many good people working out there as healers and spiritual teachers, guides, mentors and community stewards applied and introduced those they serve to these 2 key spiritual Laws of Soul or Group Life – the Law of Service and the Law of Magnitude – as a core part of their work and the services they offer? What if they oriented and mobilized their work and services less to the personal and more to the grouped and the introduction to lives from the outset of their paths to the One World Collaborative, the One World Plan and the One World Work of which we are all part? Yes, many individuals first stepping onto their path of seeking are weighted down by carrying a lot of heavy loads that they need to be encouraged and equipped to put down. Yes, others are so full of personal ambition and chasing power that they need to empty out their cup a bit to receive something new. Yes, others are so traumatized that they are almost immobilized in living and must attend to managing those energies effectively so as to liberate themselves and others around them from the harm of the traumas. But all of these things can be achieved more rapidly, less cathartically, more responsibly and with greater service rendered in the process.

Many lives, when they start turning the powerfully creative and manifesting abilities that are humanity’s gift towards spiritual progress, aligning with the soul and being of greater service, naturally subject their “stuff” in the effort to move past issues, heal the past and nurture their inner self to an unintended effect similar to burning an ant under a magnifying glass in the sun. The selfless aspiration to evolve spiritually and progress into more soulful living makes many such aspirants, in fact, (temporarily) intensely selfish and excessively self-focused, subjecting their personality experiences to the constant frying intensity of the magnifying glass of self-scrutiny. The constant scrutiny of or immersion in the personality, issues, the past and personal stories – all with good intention – often actually amplifies all these things and lends them unnecessary energy, rendering them even more dominant and often causing seeking and serving lives to miss the greater opportunities, truths and spiritual collaborations because they are too busy figuratively “looking down” or “looking in” at themselves.

This doesn’t have to be the case. As humanity progresses forward in our rapidly accelerating world, a maturity and wisdom are called for amongst seekers and servers – and their healers, spiritual teachers, mentors and guides – to focus their attention earlier and more often on spiritual service through a wise understanding and application of the potent power of the “Law of Service” and the accompanying “Law of Magnitude” that this service engages. 


The Law of Service

The Law of Service is one of the 7 basic Laws of the Soul or Group Life. Group life is the nature of the soul, and it is what seeking and spiritual lives are looking for, aspiring to or embodying, depending on how far along they are on the evolutionary path. With a selfless focus on spiritual service as a means, a method and a way of life from the outset of trekking the path, healing, transformation and development of the self are natural and spontaneously produced through the soul contact of service rather than being the goal – all without the dragging effect of subjecting the personality to the unnecessary pressures of the “grim determination of eradicating impurities” on the one side or the “overindulging of issues and the inner self” on the other.

There are plenty of good people who are doing service while also being initially hyper-focused on transforming, developing or healing themselves and their issues and stories. But if the focus and effort are directed to much greater degree on spiritual service and a much lesser degree on well-intended gazing on or pressuring of the self, the over-amplification of what a life and soul are seeking to release as outgrown patterns, habits and experiences is greatly reduced or avoided altogether. The path of spiritual expansion and realization is the path of service because the point, result and effect of greater spiritual understanding and living is being of greater spiritual service through the inevitable “brighter wattage” of soul contact and eventually more macrocosmic contact beyond the soul. The hallmark of a serving spiritual life of high degree is a simultaneous authority of spiritual agency with wise understanding of knowing how much they don’t know relative to the more macrocosmic lives and systems within which we all exist. This gives great perspective on the relative importance of the personal self and indicates a wise path to healing, transformation and development that can be stepped onto at any phase of seeking and evolving.

Many lives start out wanting to better themselves or access greater enlightenment or have mind-blowing meditations or learn new powers, but they don’t ask and aren’t often guided to ask, for what? To what end? Through spiritual service and a sense and sensibility of service beyond ourselves informed by the greater community that is existence – even and especially when we are starting out on the path or are in an advanced phase of experiencing spiritually-related points of tension and liberating initiatory thresholds that produce great pressure and sacrifice – we become selfless, and the self within ironically burns more brightly and beautifully so much more effortlessly through the agency of this service as a Law of the Soul and Group Life. “Service” can sound like a trite or obvious idea, but it is, in fact, one of the most potent forces and powers in the universe – sometimes described in the wisdom of the ages as “the spontaneous effect of soul contact”.

The Law of Magnitude

When we engage our energy, efforts and attention in selfless spiritual service, the corollary Law of Magnitude is set in motion. When we engage in thoughtful service for the good of all, we are engaging in the way of life and nature of the soul, the more macrocosmic aspects of our individual and collective existence and the greater community beyond the soul. With this engagement comes an expanded scope of energy and substance that can be accessed through the greater magnitude conferred by spiritual service – a bigger “pipeline” – compared to what can be accessed by focusing or over-focusing primarily on the personal self and personality issues. This is one of the most magical and important keys to the development, transformation and healing that so many lives are seeking. Through the Laws of Service and Magnitude, we make contact with forces that enable us to be so much more rapidly healed by healing others. To develop so much farther by supporting the development and potential of others. To be so much more deeply transformed in completely unexpected ways by helping uplift and transform the lives of others and the world.

This can be understood visually:

Source and design: The Open Letters

Imagine if the collective power and energy of all the good lives and works currently focusing on personal development, personal transformation, personal healing and their inner life through an intense and often one-pointed attention to addressing, resolving, healing and releasing their personal stuff and manifesting their personal spiritual goals were collectively and individually mobilized outward to addressing the question every day of, “What are the greatest immediate needs of humanity, the planet and the kingdoms of nature, and how can I/we help today?” What if healers and spiritual teachers, mentors and guides mobilized their substantial energies into even greater effective service and impact on the ground through a much more coordinated world-wide collaboration and externalized cooperative world body: A world body to systematically assess and forward the state of the externalizing world collaborative, reappearance of the Forces of Love and emerging world plan as a core activity of their healing and spiritual guidance work to help equip and outfit the world’s people of goodwill to be ready for and active participants in the externalization, reappearance and emergence that so many servers work for in anticipation and expectation?

What a truly different world it would be! And what a greater reservoir of creative human energy and resourcefulness to do great things for the good of all would be freed from healing individual stuff and over-excavating in the individual past. All it takes is realizing that the outdated individual things that seek release as part of the path of evolution and spiritual progression are freed naturally, rapidly and efficiently through the de-focusing on the personal self enabled by the applied Laws of Service and Magnitude in spiritual service to the greater whole. Spiritual service to others and to the community of the greater whole is a greatest and most magical loving act and gift of spiritual service to one’s Self and the release into expanded living from the ties that bind. Not all of the transforming impact and experience of the wise application of the Laws of Service and Magnitude can be described in words, and it is ever the initiatory path of the seeking and serving life to discover for themselves through experimentation and exploration what is truly possible.

There are as many ways of evolving as there are species in this universe, and every course eventually leads to a shared destination. Some are slower; some are faster. Some are filled with detours; others are a more direct route. Some generate “energetic debits”, spending more resources than they generate; others generate “energetic assets” and abundant growth. As we accelerate ever closer to our shared destination, the world is calling for lives trekking the way of faster, more direct and more energy asset-generating to offset the drag of what has come before and the deficits of excessive materialism. As many hands as possible are “needed on deck”, and spiritual seekers, servers and pioneering explorers who find the freedom that they are looking for by turning from toiling in the muddy waters and buried caves of the personal and planetary past under the night of the moon to soaring in the expansive morning air on the fiery warming wings of the sun can achieve the miraculous in helping bring forth the reality of the world and existence that is far more beautiful, magical, healing and unlimited than even the most futuristic and hopeful of human envisioning.

MAY 22, 2018


Humanity loves a good party, and in the world of energy, one of the greatest (spiritual) parties of the whole year is the annual “Festival of Humanity”. The Festival of Humanity – also known as the “Festival of Goodwill” – follows two other yearly festivals, which can be called the Festival of Rebirth and the Festival of Illumination.

These three Festivals are planetary-scale energy waves and events that are said to set the course of the purpose and blueprint for worldwide progress for the year ahead. In this sense, the first of the three Festivals – the Festival of Rebirth, which occurs around the Solar Peak of Aries (generally in April, but sometimes in March) – can be seen as a true planetary new year.

The Festival of Humanity takes place each year around the Solar Peak of Gemini, which is often in June, but sometimes occurs in May, as is the case this year. This Festival of Humanity or Goodwill is a completing of the initial delivery of the annual blueprint to the world through humanity and through the world servers and esotericists who consciously participate with specific practices and gatherings in the trio of festivals.

In the first Festival of Rebirth, there is much “clearing of the decks” for the incoming new purpose and plan for the year ahead. A keynote of this Festival is the power of the will and purpose, and it can bring potent creativity and/or potent deconstruction and liberation of what is old and outdated to make room for the new.

The second Festival of Illumination is a convening of the spiritual agents who are stewards of good responsible for the planetary blueprint and of the world servers who act as a bridge from the world collaborative of stewarding spiritual agents to humanity. The blueprint is finalized for the year at this time and starts to be anchored among world service groups and world servers to be distributed through humanity at the Festival of Humanity. Much illumination, insight, deepened wisdom and expanded service are available if one is aware of the opportunity, gathering and window of inflowing purpose and plans occurring during the week of the Solar Peak of Taurus.

While the first Festival of Rebirth can be quite fiery and willful, and the second Festival of Illumination is quite focused and attuned to planning in wisdom and deep contemplation, the closing Festival of Humanity and of Goodwill is typically celebratory and joyful. It is a coming together of humanity with the substance of the annual planetary blueprint. It can bring a renewed sense of purpose as this blueprint substance makes its way from higher planes of perception and reservoiring into the consciousness of humanity and individual lives. This blueprint substance is “picked up” by groups and individuals as new ideas, new directions, new solutions, new inspirations and new realizations. The stimulation and unfolding of the blueprint and its plans are distributed across the nine months of the year after the Gemini month through the body and creative building work of humanity, and so the work and adventure are on for human lives through the months from Cancer through Pisces.

A keynote of the Festival of Humanity is unification, especially unification of the soul and the personality, the “higher” and “lower” self. Gemini is associated with duality and the resolution of duality into a fusion. It brings the “light of interplay” where the relating of soul and personality creates a third element, consciousness.

In the world today, we see profound and sometimes seemingly insurmountable duality and polarization. Through the lens of the world of energy with its significant rhythms and impacts, it can be seen that US President Donald Trump’s birthday in Gemini is no accident, nor is the scheduled meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Gemini on June 12th. What will be most interesting is whether this meeting actually takes place. Scheduled as it is two days before Donald Trump’s birthday, it can be a complicated timing and interplay of energies to manage: It can be positively destructive, clearing away the old form of the US-North Korea tensions and nuclear gamesmanship, or it can be highly explosive and negatively destructive, undoing whatever thawing and nuclear de-escalation has occurred over the years since World War II and the Korean War and creating dangerous tensions whose ramifications may not be easy to discern or manage. (Editor’s Note: As of May 24th, the meeting was announced by Trump as cancelled. It was then later announced to be back on, and meetings occurred on June 11th and 12th, 2018.)

Gatherings and conscious participation of service-oriented spiritual lives in the three great planetary Festivals is one of the most effective and needed ways of supporting the navigation and progression of humanity and our world through the landscape of events like this. World challenges are moving beyond the capacity of simply the mind, national identity and what has come before to create needed solutions. Even the most innovative ideas and solutions are conventional and incomplete without an understanding of the world of energy behind all world affairs and personal relations and the reality that all is energy, interacting through energy and being impacted by energy.

If lives and nations and their leaders do not wake up to the energies in motion – that have always been in motion – as humanity becomes smarter and more technically savvy, it will also become “less smart” and “more ignorant” because the “smarts” that are needed for our new reality and current world are not only heart smarts or mind smarts or book smarts or even so-called genius smarts. The smarts needed are energetic smarts that see the interconnected picture and the wider landscape of realities, causes and effects that we are a part of and buffeted by. We can ride these currents with skill like energy surfers, or we can be overtaken by waves borne of well-meaning and sometimes not well-meaning ignorance or over-reaching. Artificial Intelligence can be one of our greatest triumphs or a tsunami of unanticipated destruction or domination – for energetic and karmic reasons, not only for the reasons people already think they know. Just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we SHOULD. The choice is ever ours, but it must urgently be informed by the more full knowledge and understanding of what is shaping world events and why things are happening the way they are. Understanding the impacts and implications of the energy reality gives different insight to evaluate “SHOULD”.

Spiritual traditions have tried – sometimes successfully as well as unsuccessfully – to reveal the greater forces and principles at work that need to inform our decisions about what SHOULD be done when we CAN do so much, but even spiritual tradition is not enough: The wisdom teachings teach us that the evolution of spirituality is from “God is Law” to “God is Love” to “All (God) is Energy”. We have already entered into the beginnings of the Energetic Age. The discovery of radium, the “invention” of electricity, the creation and unleashing of the atom bomb, the new unconventional merging of the UK and the US through the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the potential June 12th meeting of the US and North Korea – all reveal an incontrovertible progression and evidence that the Energetic Age is upon us.

The three Festivals of Rebirth, Illumination and Humanity have been occurring for thousands of years. Various cultures and individuals have observed them throughout this time. The knowledge and wisdom of the energy realities has always been available to those who search and are ready. Sometimes this knowledge and wisdom have been put to use by world figures advocating messages of harmony, peace and unification (Hermes Trismegistus, Milarepa, Gandhi, Dag Hammerskjold, Nicholas and Helena Roerich) and sometimes by those acting on the side of separation, control, repression and genocide, whose names we do not utter. As humanity has truly rocketed in its evolution, especially since World Wars I and II, there is enough presence of the power of love (yes, the true essence of love is power and not a soft, sentimental, weak thing as Bishop Michael Curry astutely noted in his fiery homily at Britain’s royal wedding) and the growing cry and invocation for greater justice, cooperation, love and peace to necessitate the energy reality to surface and reveal itself. This is inevitable. Our capacity to be influenced by it for good depends on lives having tools, practices, wisdom and opportunities to do so and to navigate as citizens of the incoming world of energy. It is our true commons, the solution and way forward that so many lives yearn for.

The gatherings of the three Festivals, and especially the gathering around the Festival of Humanity and Goodwill, are such a simple and powerful way to be influenced by and cooperating with the world of energy and interplaying energies for good. They are profoundly sacred and spiritual events, and the spirit of celebration and resolving of duality into the unifying bridge of consciousness during the Gemini Festival of Humanity is a most unique moment in the year – especially this year – where so many lives are longing for a greater sense of communion and fellowship in the human family and the family of nations.

As with the Festival of Rebirth and the Festival of Illumination, the Festival of Humanity and Goodwill convenes in different forms: Some people get together to meet physically, others gather online, still others connect virtually in mentally- or spiritually-networked formation and some may be conscious of the Festivals and lives gathering and tune in via awareness or individual meditation. Whichever form of gathering is chosen, the impact of lives being “present” to and aware of these Festivals is most important for the progress of humanity, individual lives, the kingdoms of nature (which humanity is meant to steward to fulfill their unique purposes that are distinct from the human purpose and path) and the planet as a whole.

To learn more about the Festivals, the Solar Peaks and the Weeks of World Service that are all part of the three great annual waves and windows, and to participate in one available hosting of the upcoming Festival of Humanity and Goodwill, we suggest exploring the Weeks of World Service at World Good.

APRIL 24, 2018


Lives all around the world are seeing and sensing that change is in the air – some of it encouraging, some of it disorienting, all of it significant.

For those involved in uplifting humanity, and especially those who identify as world servers and as stewards of spiritual communities, the time calls for an important and urgent point of attention: attending to our physical bodies and vessels.

As is commonly the case with humanity, when it comes to our physical bodies, we often find a notable general duality: 1) those who are so over-identified with their physical and material existence that more expanded aspects of ourselves and the world around us are completely unrecognized and off the radar 2) those who are so identified with their spiritual and consciousness existence that the important physical vessels of that existence on the ground are under-attended, occasionally or frequently off the radar and sometimes even not considered “part of the work”.

Both poles of this duality are observed to be impeding humanity’s and the planet’s path of shared progress. Many lives are working valiantly and effectively to lift and raise people’s awareness from the purely physical and material to the more expanded spaces beyond the physical (and even beyond the emotional and mental), but not so many lives are visibly addressing the disproportionate lack of attention by spiritual lives and world servers on conditioning their physical bodies to be fit vessels for the new energies and substances that are precipitating as part of our next frontier of evolution, especially in the current crucial spiritual-energetic window up to 2025 and beyond.


The change that so many people are seeing and sensing can be attributed in part to a major new incoming cycle of creative stimulation. By observing humanity and society over the last several thousand years, cycles and trends can be perceived. For the past several thousand years, it can be seen that humanity has been “in a classroom” of being stimulated to learn the lessons and experiences of love, ideals, abstraction, spiritual values, devotion and group awareness, as well as their opposites or absences – indifference or hatred and cruelty, cynicism and jadedness, objectification and mechanization, material values, the extreme devotion of fanaticism and authoritarianism and intense self-interest, territoriality and separatism.

For centuries, through spiritual practices, teachings and religions, much of the world’s population across many cultures and geographic regions was led and stimulated to lift their awareness and daily living beyond the visible and often mundane existence and subsistence of the physical, emotional and mental needs and appetites to something better and more ennobling that can even provide succor in times of stress on the physical, emotional and/or mental aspects of life. In the beginning of this process, at some of the earliest dawnings of spiritual awareness, practices such as Hatha Yoga were revealed to help coordinate the physical body with its “energetic switchboard” of energy centers and pathways that track to the physical organs and nerve pathways, and various energy-based Eastern movement arts such as tai chi, qigong and more internal kung fu explored ways of wielding energy responsibly and culturing the body as a spiritual vessel.

But everything has a “shelf life” because everything is evolving, even spiritual truths. Teachings, practices, beliefs and cultural norms of one era need to expand and evolve to support the evolution of humanity and the planet.

It can be observed that we are now in one of the most exciting and accelerated phases of our shared evolution to date. For this reason, truths and realities are expanding almost daily, and what is written in a book today can become incomplete or obsolete tomorrow. This is one of the reasons why we choose to share insights via The Open Letters despite having vast experience both writing and editing books. Our world of technology fortunately makes it easier than ever to update information rapidly, but it also creates a need to responsibly discern what is true wisdom and what is creative imagination.


The stimulating impulses and experiences of love, ideals, abstraction, spiritual values, devotion and group awareness aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, but around the year 2000 and very much after 2012, it can be observed that humanity and the planet entered a next accompanying “classroom” by starting to respond to a new next wave of stimulating force that entered our atmosphere and ecosystem: a classroom of concretization of what came through the “love classroom” all the way to the physical fields of living, of organizing and structure, of externalizing and sharing love through coherent and practical plans.

This era of evolution and spiritual uplift through order and structure can be seen as the work of “bringing heaven to earth”. It is the logical next cycle following on the cycle of “abstract devotion” and the cultivation of the capacity to meditate, pray and respond to higher values. With all of existence moving through the law of cyclic inhalation and exhalation, expansion and contraction, it is the nature of living that a “subjective, lifting” phase will be followed by an “objective, externalizing” phase, followed again by a “subjective, lifting” phase and so on.

For world servers and spiritual lives, this era particularly calls for an accompaniment and extension of subjective work with physical work on the ground. Subjective work and bridging the 5th kingdom and the 4th kingdom purely subjectively are no longer enough. It is the work of all spiritual and world servers now to co-creatively externalize what has been previously “subjective” into outer form through various lines and to share that intelligently with ready humanity and seekers who are living in a more objective world where much revelation of and contact with expanded realities is coming in the “objective” forms of technology, science, engineering and finance. This needed externalizing work of bringing heaven to earth requires grounded, fit and cultured physical bodies capable of serving as receivers and distributors of the new high-voltage stimulation of the externalizing will substance sourcing from the world crown center via the line of ceremonial order and structure.

It is no longer viable for world service groups and their representatives to say that culturing of the physical body and vessel is “not our work”. It is not a current or accurate truth that “esoteric” is “subjective”.  The most “esoteric” and “occult” work of this new age is and will increasingly be highly “physical” and highly well-versed in practical planning and execution on the ground. The “ground” in this current and incoming era does not stop at the etheric, especially for the world server, whose consciousness of “subjective” – or more accurately, “divine” or “expanded” – realities and experience are needed in the 7 fields of dense physical human, animal, plant and mineral existences.

Serving lives in an incarnated physical body have a responsibility to be attending to the culturing of the physical (and emotional and mental) vessels we each constructed for our incarnation as a service to the lives, planetary centers, world plan and one work we serve. Organized communities of world servers in grouped formation have a responsibility to be building the physical (and emotional and mental) body of that grouped formation into a physically resilient vessel that can handle and reservoir the incoming stimulations and substances meant to be accessed by humanity and the kingdoms of nature it is here to steward. This is particularly important in the upcoming spiritual festival of this week and its peak on April 29-30, depending on time zone.

Many spiritual teachers and leaders of spiritual communities have discarnated or experienced major life-impacting health events since 2000 and in very recent years. A close study of the energy ecosystems of the spiritual lines and the world body of incarnated spiritual leaders shows the physical impacts on the physical bodies, emotional bodies, mental bodies – and even soul bodies, in some cases – of the mixing of the stimulating abstracting energies of the past several thousand years and the incoming stimulating concretizing energies of the next millennium.

The time of the noted and anticipated needed externalized organization and collaboration of the body of world servers is now, including the physical bodies. In the rapidly concretizing age, the physical bodies of the spiritual servers are a blind spot. If leading figures in significant spiritual communities are saying, “I often forget about my physical body”, that’s a problem. Without attending to our physical bodies as the highly spiritual and high-tech vessels and instruments they are, much of the “subjective” work and declared missions of some important world spiritual communities will be incomplete. If many of the most seasoned spiritual servers of the planet are banded together in the subjective fields invoking and invoking and invoking to the world heart and world crown and “leaving it in their hands” when the world crown is streaming high and potent will energies that go directly to the physical bodies and fields of existence and the world heart is focused on the practical modes for organizing the will into loving action, it is likely that it will continue to be the authoritarian and divisive political leaders who receive, pick up and wield the will substance not always for the good of all and the highly efficient and practically intelligent titans of industry and technology who will commodify and spread the will rapidly with unintended implications and consequences like we are seeing Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg having to contend with today. Let us have no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg is an initiating world server in the making who is facing a great initiatory test in the unfolding future of humanity’s collaboration with the externalizing energies of the world plan and one work of evolving together.

If the consciously spiritually serving and initiating lives do not start paying more attention to their physical bodies in spiritual practice to bring their “subjective” substance, realization and experience all the way to the ground, the one work is only partially accomplished, the current over-focus on materialism will likely stick around longer than it needs to, the prisoners of the planet are not freed, and the initiates are likely to be found elsewhere in fields not currently as equipped to handle the stimulating energies responsibly, with the needed wisdom and clarity and with good for all.

The focus on attending to our physical bodies by spiritual servers and seekers does not need to be intense – in fact, the strong will energies can overcook them if old or even many current modes of movement and exercise are used – but it does need to be intentional, rhythmic, ongoing and appropriate in calibration to the new “shape” of the new energies. Rhythmic and calibrated is the new current nature of the world, and it is our responsibility to our one world work to be in synch with this nature and receptive to the new truths that are available and externalizing. Because something was not written two thousand years ago or even 70 years ago as part of a body of wisdom does not mean that it is not part of the next dispensation of spiritual wisdom and practice by the sourcing lives of the world crown and world heart, and there are those spiritual agents in physical bodies who are perceiving new forms of movement designed for the new current and incoming needs in particular collaboration with the world crown and the custodians of the line and substance of will for the building of worlds, races and bodies.

In the context of the exciting new era in which we find ourselves where the creative departments of physical form-building and of ceremonial and rhythmic ordered structuring are so active down to the ground, as we consider the new needed modes of right relations of the spiritual server with their physical and other incarnated vessels for the time, it is to be acknowledged that there has ever been a phase in most lives’ initiatory path in which the student’s attention and energy are rightfully and necessarily temporarily redirected away from the physical, emotional and concrete mental bodies, vessels and urges for a time as a safeguard to mitigate certain hazards of newly-contacted soul stimulation impacting the physical vehicles and health and creating emotional and mental reactions that are not always constructive or safe for the initiating lives and others in their environment. But this temporary time is likely to grow shorter and even potentially fade out for a long aeon as lives and spiritual servers incarnate with new types of physical, emotional and mental bodies and vehicles more adapted to the incoming more concretizing forms and substances all the way to the molecular level. We can already see a much greater prevalence of smaller, more compact bodies that are highly efficient, more gender-neutral (gone in mainstream movies and TV are women with big breasts) and less impulsed by physical appetites and eating unhealthy foods. This is just a preview of the evolving beautiful form of future humanity.

The time is interesting for the transitional servers and spiritual workers who rode into incarnation on a wave at the pinnacle of the “age of abstraction”. The re-crafting of the physical vessels can be challenging, but it is not impossible, and if seasoned lives can break through the familiarity of 20 to 30 to 40 or 50 years of spiritual practice and perception – and the spiritual inertia or hubris this familiarity can create – to make contact with the new wave, the physical re-crafting can actually be a great joy and a taste of our future bodies. It’s never too late to start molding what is to come, and as transitional spiritual workers, we have a special responsibility to serve as a bridge between what has come before and what is coming anew.

This week and festival of service around the Penetrating Light of the Path and the networked convening of the custodians of the world plan anchored in the world crown and world heart is an orchestrated time to be astutely tuned in to this needed bridging work – actively being in impression to perceive and cooperate with the unfoldings of the next evolutionary spiritual steps, practices and needs all the way to the physical level informed by the reality and implications that all is energy, and consciously attending to the physical bodies to be in greater rapport with the next chapter of that which has not been known before.

MARCH 28, 2018


It is 3:13 pm US eastern time on March 24, 2018, moments after the program of the Washington, DC March For Our Lives has wrapped up.

The sound of our youth’s voices – and brave 6 minutes and 20 seconds of silence – is still ringing throughout our cities.

During the 3-hour media coverage, the word “energy” was mentioned countless times to describe the atmosphere.

How are you experiencing the energy around your city in the immediate aftermath of this incredible moment that is a movement?

If you love your city, it’s time to have the real conversation about the energy of our cities and communities.

Our cities are alive and calling for healing just like we do. The story of humanity’s progress is the story of stimulating energies. And as gathering grounds of humanity, cities – and the populations they host – are impacted by an interplay of energies and forces that affect their physical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being as living centers.

Each city forms a unique ecosystem and field of learning, progress, creative expression and development for the lives who live in them and pass through them. We experience this as their distinctive vibe – “the city of big shoulders” (Chicago), “the city that never sleeps” (New York City), “the city of dreams” (Los Angeles), “the city of brotherly love” (Philadelphia), “the city of light” (Paris), “the city of the violet crown” (Athens). How did they really get these nicknames and reputations? Because as stations and stewards of different experiences and experiments in community living, people have felt these cities’ unique profiles of energies and energetically-sourced strengths, challenges and opportunities that are as unique and distinctive as the unique personality of every person.

If we do not understand and support this sourcing ecosystem of impacting energies, movements and efforts to create healthy, thriving cities, communities and nations are slower than they need to be and are often incomplete because we are working downstream with only part of the picture.

We have a unique opportunity to Heal Our Cities and communities by attending to their energies in this moment, movement and momentum created by the potent, fiery, highly-organized youthful voices of #NeverAgain and March For Our Lives.

Parkland is calling for healing. Washington, DC is calling for healing. Boston is calling for healing. Chicago is calling for healing. The extreme gun violence in Chicago is happening for reasons sourced from the city’s energy profile and what it is stationing as part of its purpose for both the USA and the world, but we observe that no one who is valiantly and publicly working on the problem is aware of or attending to these reasons and their sources. The City and Space Lab’s Healing Our Cities Project are. City and Space Labs is deploying City Healers who are highly-equipped in the applied science of energetics in every key city in the world, starting in Chicago and Sydney. The work of City Healers and Healing Our Cities is a rigorous, highly skillful, full-time work, not some fluffy idea. Three of the City Healers spent the month of April 2017 focused on supporting the reduction of gun violence in Chicago daily. At the end of April 2017, the City of Chicago announced that gun violence dropped dramatically that month for reasons they could not explain.

City Healers have been quietly doing this work for cities around the country and the world for over a decade, but now is the time more lives need to be involved because the momentum is growing, the will for change is here and our communities and cities are actively calling out for healing. The Healing Cities Project is seeking and calling for City Friends to help grow Healing Our Cities, City Patrons to help fund and fuel Healing Our Cities and City Healers to help do the work of Healing Our Cities. To learn more, please visit cityandspacelabs.org. If you are moved, galvanized or even just intrigued by what you see, please get in touch with them at hello@cityandspacelabs.org to come together in conversation in support of keeping the current momentum going through the uniquely meaningful action of directing real energy for Healing Our Cities and communities. The immediate goal is 1-3 City Friends, 1-3 City Patrons and 1-3 City Healers in Chicago, in Sydney and in any other city in the world that you love.

Let’s keep the energy that we have been experiencing together since Parkland, Florida entered our consciousness going and growing to help Heal Our Cities, help Heal Our Country and help Heal Our World.

JANUARY 23, 2018


Have you ever seen the light of what’s possible go out of someone’s eyes? It’s like witnessing a death.

The incoming, emerging age of the next frontier of our evolution together is an age of revealing what has not been substantially revealed before. We’ve had glimmers, and what’s coming has always been able to be found by those who look. But the incoming energetic age will reveal en masse what has been discovered in bits and pieces. It will reveal the deeper, more faceted significances of things that humanity has discovered and revealed through its enquiry, ingenuity and imagination: the behavior and movement of the universe, electricity, radiation, atomic energy, magnetics, digital interconnectivity…

The incoming energetic age calls for imagination and, as we’ve written before, wonder. And yet, we are in the midst of a matrix of limited and limiting “reality” created by an almost exclusive focus on “metrics” and “measures” and “tangible impacts”.

Ways of measuring progress, structuring and planning are necessary and provide freedom. They provide the order and organization for creativity to really soar. They are being stimulated in the current phase of progression after a 2000+ year phase of evolving through abstraction and idealism. But they must not be the driver and definer of reality; they are servers in service to the idea, the ideal and the reality. When “tangible metrics” agreed upon by only one or a few of the 7 streams of purpose and creation are the only measure of value or worthiness, then seeing or responding to wider incoming realities that exist but are not yet widely known and to “subjective” eternal truths becomes almost impossible.

The Outward Bound Trust’s 2017 Social Impact Report starts with the quote:

“Not everything that matters can be measured and
not everything that is measured matters.”

The effects of not realizing this truth can be seen all around us. In her first time ever on social media, film director, Lana Wachowski, said during a Facebook Live Q&A session that while killing and violence are what sells, she wants to make stories about love and the power of love. In coffee shops, young people can be heard talking about their crushing debt and saying things like, ”I don’t know how I’m going to afford my life”; “I’m a professional debt-payer”; “I don’t want to spend my life behind a desk creating spreadsheets”; and “I’m overwhelmed by it all”. People seeking to come together in conversation to share new incoming realities and in collaboration to share resources for moving pioneering works forward can’t even get to a conversation because gatekeepers can’t figure out what box to put the request for conversation in and reject it because “it doesn’t fit funding parameters”. Even people in “helping fields” such as education and health are meeting what can be possible (and what is actually necessary for the survival and well-being of humanity) with a sense that it is not realistic or that it is impossible, from universal healthcare to one humanity.

Affordable healthcare for all, the reality of humanity being one humanity, not crushing our youth with debt, not subjecting our kids to atmospheres of sanctioned hate, killing and violence through films, games, advertisements, media and messages glorifying or fanning fear around these things, and not killing our planet when we have the power not to are all common sense, and yet we see them being deemed “unrealistic”, “impractical”, “impossible” or even “questionable” ideologically and politically.

What does this say about how humanity will be able to meet 3 major incoming ideas and realities of the energetic age that the world needs to be ready for? By continuing to use incomplete or imbalanced equations and metrics as much of humanity is doing today, these 3 realities are likely to remain invisible or to be rejected.



We are souls with incarnated vehicles or vessels that serve as instruments for interfacing with physical existence. There are 6 additional fields of existence beyond the physical.


We are physical beings. Some people believe that as physical beings, we “have” souls.


  • over-identification with physical reality as “reality”
  • over-reliance on wrong metrics that measure what is already known
  • wrongly perceiving or not perceiving at all a pioneering future-forward idea that does not draw on what has come before
  • operating from an observation and attempted understanding of effects rather than the true initiating causes that have created the effects
  • monitoring and measuring of effects rather than causes
  • unnecessary suffering through the prevention of the realization of the fuller truth and reality we are a part of
  • dismissal, devaluing or denial of what cannot and often should not be measured with a “metric”
  • increasingly less relevant systems of education that do not meet the needs of souls and drop many of the fields of study that are most nourishing for human life, living and creativity

*There are countless impacts; a few significant ones are provided.


Amongst the many kingdoms of nature, humanity exists at a midway and bridging point, with its next evolution being progression into the 5th kingdom of souls.


Humanity is the highest life form and consciousness in existence and reigns at the top of an evolutionary pyramid.


  • not recognizing humanity’s proper place in the world – not as a dominant “species”, but as a collaborative world steward of everything in existence on Earth
  • failure to build and realize right relations with all lives
  • incomplete understanding of what it really means to be a world citizen
  • a control-and-consume culture rather than a discern-and-distribute culture
  • too much doing/talking and not enough receiving/listening
  • vulnerability to lower and antiquated  impulses and behaviors and lack of response to real solutions to the problems and sufferings created by these impulses
  • a tendency towards “this is the way we do things because it’s how they’ve always been done”


A world plan of good exists, stewarded by a world collaborative of wise lives and forces of love dedicated to the evolution and progress of all life. Some of these stewarding lives are serving in physical form as forerunners pointing the way towards the future; many are not.


Progress and plans are only created by humanity.



  • while progress and plans are most definitely created with the participation and agency of humanity, not realizing that there is more impulsing the direction and events of existence than humanity and what meets the eye
  • a dominating attitude of possession and ownership (“my work”, “my money”, “my child”, “my happiness”) resulting in a cornering of resources and the creation of unnecessary scarcity
  • not recognizing or responding to the collaborative one world work we are a part of
  • not being open to guidance and wisdom from higher or unexpected sources
  • not realizing the nature of distinctive phases and cycles of evolution and progress
  • a tendency towards inertia, paralysis, hopelessness or futility when “good” doesn’t seem so evident in the world or when there is much divisiveness in personal, community or world affairs (“There’s nothing I can do about it” or “One humanity is unrealistic and impossible to achieve”)

The 3 incoming realities are the needed solutions and enlighteners of the widely-held beliefs based on imbalanced and incomplete equations that create so much unnecessary suffering and delay in progress. But if humanity collectively and human beings individually let the widely-held beliefs shut the door on conversation, on collaboration and on open exploration around what’s coming next, it’s likely the available solutions will remain elusive and out of reach, and “it’s unrealistic” and “it’s impossible” will extinguish the light of what’s possible in many eyes.

A sense of chaos can contribute to the extinguishing of that light. Deep and widening inequity can do that. The Pandora’s box opening on endemic sexual assault can do that. A constantly-fanned atmosphere of hate, death and destruction can do that.

But that is when the open space of the imagination and humanity’s power to “do the impossible” are most needed to be valued and stood for. Humanity landed on the moon just 8 years after setting that goal. Elon Musk has started digging a transportation hyperloop tunnel under Los Angeles. Humanity has proven that it can do whatever it sets its mind to. If the world’s leaders, changemakers, philanthropists and people of goodwill came together for just a few months or a year of focused effort to really crack the global inequalities and broken, obsolete systems with the same kind of focus as getting to the moon, the problems could be solved. But that requires a choice. It requires believing in the hopeful lights and helpers who are standing for the possible. It requires not turning our backs on what many consider to be hopeful ideals and realizing that they are in fact realities just waiting to be recognized. It requires responding to requests for help from the vessels that are carrying the flame of the future.

So, here’s an exercise: the next time you are presented with something you don’t understand or think is impossible or unrealistic, ask yourself why you are responding that way. If you are not making an effort to understand, ask yourself why. If the vision or idea seems impossible or unrealistic to you, ask yourself if it is painting a version of the world you would like to live in and the humanity you would like to be part of. If it is, then rather than responding that it is impossible and unrealistic, ask yourself how you can be part of making it possible and look for who is doing it. If you are lucky to meet a messenger doing this work, bask in the light of what’s possible in their eyes, and if they happen to ask you for help, respond abundantly.

It is a dull world where things are impossible and unrealistic, and it is not the world we are meant to live in. The emerging energetic age will bring more color and possibility than most people can imagine. The lives who already see it and carry its flame are precious gems who are helping all lives in countless ways. Their vision and work of stewarding the flame needs to be helped. Like the runners of the Olympic torch, they continuously climb the mountain of disbelief, constant in their knowing of what awaits humanity on the other side of the mountain when the cauldron of truth is lit.

Visit The World of Energy Collective at worldofenergy.org for more vision, ideas, ways forward and opportunities to engage in “keeping the light of what’s possible” alive and flourishing.

NOVEMBER 23, 2017


Wonder isn’t considered very sexy or hip these days. A pervasive image of our cultural zeitgeist is the just-so curled lip of studied jaded skepticism.

But wonder is actually immune from ‘trendism’. It does not move in and out of fashion. It does not lend itself to marketing manipulation. It is a perennial bedrock of happiness. And while ‘happiness’ may be considered the soporific stuff of sentimental slackers, the search for it is, in fact, the gentle, life-sustaining fire burning brightly on the hearth of most human hearts.

Extreme skepticism is practically worshipped in this day and age, but today’s version of skepticism is combative in tone and baiting in nature. The habit of excessive skepticism is not an honorific badge of sophistication and smarts. Without the wisdom afforded by wonder, skepticism is a toxifying and corrosive source of antagonism and division, and it shuts the door on what’s coming next for humanity.

Intelligent assessment and rigorous, systematic enquiry, questioning and testing of new concepts and emerging or existing beliefs ARE valuable and essential. They are to be encouraged and cultivated, but since words are energies and ‘thought-forms’ that create atmospheres and ecosystems of attitudes, even the long-entrenched and vaunted use of the term ‘critical thinking’ calls for questioning. Why? Because it unintentionally breeds excessive criticism, excessive mental pride, excessive focus on, valuing and use of the mind to the exclusion of our other faculties (some known and some yet to be recognized and developed), and an excessive sense of self-centered domination in relation to the idea or body of work being considered. From a near-obsession with STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math), we are seeing a growing move towards STEAM (the added A for Arts). (See > STEM to STEAM for more information about Rhode Island School of Design’s interesting initiative to augment and inform STEM with Arts + Design as an important contributing driver of innovation.) There’s an underlying energetic and spiritual reason for this STEM to STEAM progression, which will make itself evident over time as more of humanity wakes up to the ‘energetic age’ we are entering as the next pioneering frontier of our shared story and trek of evolution.

Lives who have graduated from one-pointedly using a weaponized mind over-sharpened on the whetstone of skepticism wielded without wonder, humility or heart in the belief that it is the highest pinnacle of human capacity and achievement into the next field of well-tempered wisdom built on a foundation of a brilliantly refined mind and a highly-tuned heart are distinguished by their wonder. They live in a state of perpetual wonder.

These lives are the opposite of the highly-visible, highly-valued, self-proclaimed, social media-age popular ‘pronouncers and purveyors of truth’ typically representing the fields of science and technology these days. They are as students in everything they do. They can be known by their demeanor of deliberately observant calibrated quiet and by their low-volume, high-impact insights that can describe a whole world in a few simple words. Their eyes sparkle with childlike wonder and their faces, even if lined with ravines of wrinkles, shine with youth.

Lack of wonder and the dismissing of wonder as naive or unfashionable are major contributing factors to the numbing world of vitriol and trolling we find ourselves living in today. Critics of director Luc Besson chide some of his films as style over substance, but his abiding belief in the power of wonder and the humanity of his 10-year-old explorer-self shine through his worlds and works. In a similar vein, it is probably actually no surprise at all that Taika Waititi, with his goofy innocent humor and tender portrayal of relationships, was tapped to direct Thor: Ragnarok. And the ongoing popularity of the Marvel movie universe in contrast to the almost relentlessly bleak worldview of the DC movie universe (with the recent exception of Wonder Woman’s strong and optimistic bright spot) may just indicate that amidst the guns and the gore, the sex and the money, humanity’s true heart seeks the sustenance of wonder and sings in the spaces where wonder is given flight.

Wonder is the elixir of youth, the alchemist’s gold and the gift of our gods. It is a path to the happiness we seek and the divinity we sense. Our wisest wonderers across the ages ever show the wisdom and way of taking delightment in all. They serve as pointers to our future where wonder will be valued as one of humanity’s most uplifting currencies when the world of energy is known. The more people wonder today, the faster our bright tomorrow will come and the greater the assurance that a more humane and positive future will be known by all. The more people wonder today, the more the gravitational force of diminishing division and insidious insecurity will be a thing of the past.

In wonder, the door to the magical living experienced by most of us as our young selves and still yearned for in the heart of our hearts stands wide open, and worlds beyond what our minds can conceive await to lead us into the noble and heroic reality of living promised by our legends of righteous gods and our hope in savior superheroes.

NOVEMBER 07, 2017


Last week, there was a big wind storm that took many people across the state by surprise – including the power company, which experienced an unprecedented outage in every single area and county they serve. People outside the region probably didn’t hear much about it, but having lived through Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike in Houston, it was a reality that THIS storm in a totally different part of the country was way harder to experience than those hurricanes. The winds whipped heavy rains around at a sustained 85 miles per hour all night without any break whatsoever – in contrast to Rita and Ike where there were quiet periods when the wind slackened, and which didn’t last as long overall as this storm. This storm was truly an assault on the senses that was tiring and devitalizing, not because of the lack of sleep, but because of the energy reality of what such turbulence for such a sustained period of time can do to the bodies, even when one knows how to manage the ecosystem impacts on the energies of the bodies.

Through the night, a persistent banging sounded more than a little ominous, but the door couldn’t be opened to check what was going on because the suction of the winds probably would have ripped it right off its hinges if opened. The car was parked outside near the tree line and close to an overhead power line because a big riding mower in the garage couldn’t be moved and takes up too much space to fit the car. The trees could be heard whipping around with such force and the rain was so heavily soaking the ground that it seemed likely that there would be many trees downed.

It was unknown what would be found in the light of day. But through those long hours of darkness and thunderous noise, every even bigger burst of wind amidst the constant freight train of wind and every even more pummeling burst of rain in the constant rattle of rain was met with a sense of certainty and optimism that everything would come through just fine.

By morning, the rains had stopped, but the winds were still quite strong. In the light of day, the first discovery was that 12 red plastic Adirondack chairs that were forgotten outside during the storm and were anticipated to be long gone and broken apart with the violent force of the wind were incredibly and improbably all still close to the house and were intact. One of them traveled a little farther and was a bit hidden behind a big blue spruce tree, but it didn’t take long to find it. It was ironic that that was the farthest traveler because it was already a little cracked prior to the storm, and it was amazing to find that in traveling far, it did not break any further and is still usable.

The next discovery was that the ominous persistent banging was just a shingle loosening throughout the night that finally tore away from the roof. But it landed right below in a very visible spot and was intact enough to tack right back up. It’s not even really possible to see which one it was without hunting around the roof carefully.

The final amazing discovery was that on a property surrounded by many big and old trees with plenty of dried-out branches, not a single one came down. The ground ended up thoroughly soaked down a couple of inches, so the fact that all the trees, especially the many white pines with their shallow and broad roots, remained standing was doubly unlikely. The only bit of debris was a small branch – more of a large stick really – that landed on the EDGE of the driveway, not even in it.

The broader significance of all these seemingly improbable outcomes distilled into the symbol of those 12 red chairs. How is it possible that 12 plastic chairs all stayed close to the house in 85 mile per hour winds that were whipping across acres of open lawn on the top of an exposed hill? How is it possible that these inexpensive common chairs did not break at all as they were tumbled around like marbles? How is it possible that the one chair that was already cracked and weakened before the storm did not end up cracked further or broken as it was blown across the farthest distance?

Those 12 humble red chairs bought from a local big box hardware store reminded that we are all of us, without exception, more resilient than we think. Incredible things happen when we know more fully the energy and spiritual reality of who and what we are.

It is important to recognize that there are many among us who may not feel or see themselves as strong but do not break in the gale-force winds of life’s pressures and points of tension. It is important to value that many among us who are not paid attention to or afforded much respect because they are not famous or wealthy or expensively educated weather the storms of life and do not break. It is important to realize that those among us who are weakened or fatigued by physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments or pains do not necessarily break further when subjected to more pressure or obstacles.

It is important to remember that humanity and individual human beings are living organisms and centers of progress designed to thrive and rise in resilience when faced with obstacles – the more insurmountable, the better in many cases. In the face of the psychological and existential fatigue many lives and people of goodwill are currently experiencing through current world events, conditions can be seen as daunting or they can be seen as evidence that great growth is afoot.

When the inexpensive plastic red chairs are blown and do not break, it is an opportunity to realize they are stronger and more valuable than we think. When entire cities are inundated with water, it is an opportunity for those in the cities to realize they are stronger and can come together in community more than they think. When entire nations are inundated by forces of hatred, it is an opportunity for their citizens to realize that unity and love are stronger and more valuable than they think.

In humanity, a “glue” that makes us strong is the resilience provided by the extent of certainty and optimism with which we face strong winds and turbulent waters. How we understand, interpret and respond to the experience of strong winds and turbulent waters – physical and existential – literally shapes our reality and our will, and our will largely shapes the extent to which we can access certainty and optimism. This power of will is developed and our deep reserves of strength and resilience are found under pressure, force and unpredictable circumstances that reveal what we are truly made of, what our purpose is and what is most important to value.

When the power of will is present and optimism and certainty are the norm, 12 red chairs become more than they seem. In all their red brightness, we can imagine them smiling into the night wind, saying, “Bring it on!” And in the dawn of the morning light, they remain – moved, but unbroken.

OCTOBER 24, 2017


In trying to navigate and make intelligent sense of the events we see happening in the world today, there is a clear force afoot that no one in the public eye is really talking about – most likely because the connection hasn’t been made.

What is the clear force afoot, producing so many developments in national and international affairs that have essentially taken much of the world by surprise?

It is this: We are in the midst of a 100-year cycle from the window of the World Wars I and II years (1914-1945) to a current window of 2014-2045. If we look at the forces, attitudes, contrasting ideologies and events present on the world stage leading up to 1914 and through to 1945, what we are seeing today should look very familiar and should come as no surprise. This is a re-cycling of impulsing energies and forces “on a higher turn of the spiral” and an opportunity to more definitely address and resolve what was not fully addressed and resolved in 1914-1945.


Rhythmic cycles are a reality of existence. The earth passes through night and day, which we measure by our experience of the sun “rising” and “setting”. The waves of the ocean move in and out. Stars are birthed and die. The moon waxes and wanes. Humans grow up and grow old. Plants bloom and fade out from season to season. Empires, nations and civilizations blaze and then dim. Species flourish and then go extinct to make way for the next evolutions in species and forms. The planet warms and cools. The heart expands and contracts. The breath inhales and exhales.

The cyclic nature of life is inescapable. But just realizing this is not enough. The cycles are both formed and used by the evolutionary intelligence and blueprint of existence itself to produce world-scale shifts and progressions. It is the ultimate in hubris to think that world-scale events, even wars, are created by man in isolation.

The physically-visible cycles in life and the natural world are easy to accept and believe. Harder for most to accept and believe is the not-(yet)-visible cycles produced by “the hand of the world plan of good and its custodians”, or what is sometimes called the “Inner Government”. This Inner Government comes together every 25 years to “take stock” of human-planetary progress and to adjust the plans supporting 100-year progressions. Modern very high-impact 25-year gatherings include 1875, 1925, 1975, 2000 and 2025.

This is a truth that cannot currently be “proven” according to today’s limited human conceptions of objectivity, but a deep study of history with the energy factor accounted for shows very obvious patterns of injections of new energies to stimulate the realization of new ideas that change our very reality, modes of living and values (e.g., the printing press, electricity, the telephone, the atomic bomb, the television, the personal computer, the Internet…). Amidst many great stimulating injections to prompt construction of the new or destruction of the old to make way for the new, the World War I and II period remains the most significant injection, crisis point and shift in human history to date, and that is what makes this particular 100-year cycle so profoundly significant. This is what makes its impacts so profoundly strong and polarizing. At the threshold of the 20th century, humanity had so progressed, so rapidly, through such great advances in mind, industry and technology, that it evoked a precipitation of purposeful will-to-create not encountered before. It is ever humanity’s free will in how it responds to and wields the interplaying energies we encounter, and the effects of these energies ever depend on how humanity meets them.

In the pre-World War era, prosperity borne of rapid industrialization and a colonialism colored with domination and cruelty had created a widening gap between those with technological power and those with natural resources. Materialism, greed, selfish interests, self-indulgence, exploitation, excesses and vice were how the majority of those with power wielded that power. Communism and socialism logically arose as the seeds of more inclusive living to offset these forces, but they were perceived incompletely and idealistically, implemented inexpertly and impractically, and co-opted by authoritarian figures whose breadth of cruelty and callousness matched the imperialists’ step for step. The political and money leaders of modern humanity (those with social power) generally met the new energies that created conditions for prosperity not with good for all at heart, but with power and profit for the few in mind.

This contributed to a culminating crisis in humanity’s existence and future. Both glorious goodness and careless cruelty are the fabric of humanity’s history, but when the newly-discovered electrical energy, radiation energy and atomic energy were mechanized into highly-effective instruments of mass destruction and met with economic discontent borne of disparity that was cleverly exploited, fanned and manipulated by highly charismatic populist political leaders, humanity reached a pinnacle of exploitable cruelty and truly stood on the brink of destruction. Does this sound familiar?

The parallels between events in 1914 and 2014 are striking:

The parallels continue between 1916 and 2016:

While the particular years of 1914 and 2014 and 1916 and 2016 are especially notable in their overlaps, the entire period of 1914-1945 must be taken into account today as a block of time and forces whose accumulated influence is impacting our current corresponding cycle from 2014 to 2045. That is to say, the ideologies and events that came about in 1918 or 1933 or 1942 as part of the World War I and II period are already present in influencing 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and so on. The “exhausts” of Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, imperialism, colonialism, revolution, isolationism, racism, anti-immigantism, white supremacy, etc. that came about or were heightened through a chronological sequence through the World Wars period are present simultaneously and concurrently throughout this 2014-2045 period because we have moved forward in time and the “unit” that is the World War I and II years from an energy standpoint is fully present as a unit of energy again.

The World Wars created a major shift in world values. These world values now seem to be under attack or in question. The relevance of the United Nations, one of the most significant comings-together by the world’s nations to ensure that the World Wars could never happen again, is being challenged, and it is being called by some leaders in powerful positions to be abolished. Things that were deemed self-evident and worth protecting in the aftermath of the World Wars are being declared by the world leader of a major super-power as destructive and antithetical to a nation “being first” and protecting its own interests. A Vietnam prisoner-of-war hero whose virtue was unassailable and who was held up as the best of what it is to be American is being scourged and ridiculed and called to retire from Congress for expressing views protecting the rights of Americans that are now being considered “un-American” by certain political figures.

Things change, and there is no doubt that what was considered “good” and “right” and “normal or noble” in one era becomes antiquated and obsolete and inhumane or barbaric in another. But while today’s hardening drift into “isms” that separate is completely predictable through a recognition of the reality and impacts of 100-year cycles in world affairs, failure to recognize that a paralleling force of unified will standing for what is perennially good and right – unity, cooperation, dignity for all lives – that was displayed by certain nations in the World War period is necessary again today creates the conditions for a re-opening of a door for the involutionary, regressive forces that were moving through the instrument of nations and charismatic leaders appealing to the lowest of human impulses to rise again.

Not realizing or accounting for the fact and significance of the 100-year cycle of World Wars I and II up to today is a clear example of what happens when we aren’t aware of the energy factor – the interplay of forces and energies – that has been shaping all of human history and is particularly in motion today. In 21st-century world affairs, being unaware or dismissive of this energy factor is shortsighted at best and “riding blind” at worst.

Just about everyone knows the old trope that “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. But learning from history without any sense or realization of the energy factor isn’t really learning much at all. In fact, it guarantees the conditions for repeating such history again and again and again until we finally wake up to the greater forces and sources that shape our existence and future.

OCTOBER 05, 2017


Our last Open Letter addressed hardship as a force of good. But hardship can also be a force for exposing and hardening attitudes and apparent gaps in common sense that impede goodness in the world.

While a certain leader of a certain western hemisphere country baited a certain leader of a certain eastern hemisphere country in a speeach at the United Nations, the leader of the tiny Caribbean island country of Dominica, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, forcefully called to a half-full General Assembly for the urgent and responsible action of the world’s leaders – especially big-power perpetrators of actions thought by scientists to be contributing to increasing greenhouse gases – to address climate change and take responsibility for the disproportionately unfair impacts of northern nation consumption and lifestyle actions on island nation survival. (You can read an article on the Prime Minister’s address HERE.)

Part of the problem faced by the field of climate change is the human (western?) tendency to politicize what can be politicized and to fix terms that have entered into the public lexicon until they have become immovable and inflexibly rigid boulders and wedges. Climate change has become so deeply politicized that even our society’s modern religion of science and the modern priests and oracles – the scientists – are being dismissed and even excoriated by those who usually worship at their altar because they think they can’t afford to pay attention to what the scientists are saying when “Old Energy” and other old-school industries are paying so much to influence politics and politicians in order to maintain the status quo.

It can be argued to the ends of the earth whether climate change exists and whether humans have created or accelerated it, but this seems to be the wrong debate and one destined to be a dead end cul-de-sac given how politicized the term “climate change” has become.

What can’t be argued in the aftermath of the August-September 2017 spate of hurricanes, cyclones, wildfires and earthquakes with their attendant loss of life and infrastructure is that climate changes and earth changes are happening. In a significant way that could potentially unlock the climate change logjam (largely created by one stubborn holdout super-power with powerful lobbying groups), it really doesn’t matter whether these changes have been created by humans or not when we consider that they ARE happening, and humanity and the world’s nations CAN do something to alleviate, prevent and potentially reverse the impacts. Common sense and basic humanity tell us that it is not generally good in practical terms for the world or for the world’s economies for entire islands to be washed away. From a world of energy perspective, as we discussed in the last Open Letter on hardship as a force of good, these events can be major catalysts in creating the will and resourcefulness of the people and communities to call for and enact change from the ground up. The people of the impacted island nations are demonstrating this already in “man-on-the-street” interviews where everyday people are calling for greener, more sustainable rebuilding, but the world’s inventors, producers, businesses and political leaders need to respond, and they need to call up the will to respond with the new approaches lives in post-natural disaster areas are wisely calling for. (You can see some these interviews and the extent of physical damage, resourcefulness and community initiative on Virgin Gorda as filmed by Sam Branson HERE.)

Related to how we respond to climate changes, the situation the United States faces – yet again – in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas also reveals deep questions about common sense and basic humanity. As these shooting events keep happening, they beg the question – no matter what our political worldview is – where is the common sense in making it easier for those with mental illnesses to buy guns? Where is the common sense in making it easier to buy silencers? Gun advocates say that people who want to enact mass shootings like this will always be able to get around any laws, so we actually need more guns and easier access to protect ourselves from the mass shooters. Is this really the kind of society we want to live in? Is this the kind of society we agree to live in? Is this a political worldview question, or is this a human question?

It’s hard to imagine that the Christ of the Bible would be a proponent of this logic. The Bible’s Isaiah 11:6 says, “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” It seems unlikely that this is to be accomplished through fear, an eye-for-an-eye cycle of killing and defending and a little child toting an assault weapon.

How we respond to hurricanes, how we respond to territories we are responsible for in their calls for help in a critical moment of survival independent of debt they owe, how we respond to mass shooting after mass shooting, is a question of RIGHT HUMAN RELATIONS. It is a question of the wisdom of humility and world cooperation. The United States does not own the world. Democracy is not meant to be the only form of government and living. Putting money ahead of basic human decency is not wise. It is not sustainable. It is not right.

This planet and its nations are a great experiment in evolution and a field for humanity and the comity of nations to realize their place in the world. The United Nations, for all its failings and bureaucratic inertia, is a purposefully designed vehicle for the establishing of right human relations according to the world plan of good that is guiding our evolution together. The United Nations is not an enemy of democracy. It is not a conspiracy to take over the world by nefarious forces. It is a living force of love and a physicalized lab for learning and building right human relations and right relations among nations in the ways that will be common and common sense in future civilization. Future humanity will look back and marvel at how certain countries and populations thought the United Nations was “trying to steal our rights” and “take over the world”. The current United Nations is imperfect only because of humanity’s and nations’ imperfections in understanding and distortions of interpretation due to their point in their evolution path, not because the UN is a wrong idea or a wrongly-motivated idea. The full beauty of its purpose, design and potential will become apparent when humanity and nations have realized more of their own beauty, purpose, design and potential in right relation with the planetary life and beyond.

It is time for the world’s leaders, and especially the leaders of the United States with a big dose of humility, to take a good look at how a country of rural gun owners like Australia was able to summon the will to pass gun legislation that has undeniably completely shifted the landscape of shooting deaths in that country. It is time for the world’s leaders to evolve into a focus on the planet as a global resource under our care and on all nations as a world resource group to steward the planetary resource and its lives together. In a world and culture of right human relations, all nations are respected as equally viable and valid individual experiments in living suitable to different lines of culture within the context of a world community that agrees on a basic set of values, goals and future directions built upon the core principle of good, abundance and opportunity for all at the expense of none. The United Nations was designed to be such a world community, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was designed to be such a basic set of guiding values. A new incoming “Universal Charter” shared with the world by a new world collaborative will be a guiding instrument for shared culture, goals and future directions.

It is time to stand for humanity, to stand for good for all, to stand for right relations independent of money, profit and patriotism, and for common sense informed by spiritual values to guide leaders on a better course. The inherently wise heart, principled will and enlightened intelligence of the people that is coming into ever-greater expression will eventually stand for nothing less.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017


The nature of evolution and progressive change is cyclic, and every once in a while, we get to see movement that creates the points of pressure and tension needed for evolution on a planetary scale.

It started on August 21, 2017 with a total solar eclipse across the United States. Seen by many as a welcome opportunity for unification around something beyond the realm of national politics and human intervention, few people probably anticipated the chain of massive movements of the Earth elements that would follow just four days later.

On August 25, Hurricane Harvey landed in Texas. As Harvey was making its way up the Texas coast, bringing an almost unprecedented storm surge of flood waters along with it, Hurricanes Katia and Jose were lined up with Harvey in row from Mexico to Texas to the Caribbean, and an 8.1 earthquake rocked Mexico hours before Katia made landfall there.

While the world started seeing images of Harvey’s flood and learned of fatalities in the double digits, less media attention was paid in the Western Hemisphere to the massive monsoon that struck India, Bangladesh and Nepal on exactly the same day, with 1200 souls discarnated in its wake.

At an individual human level, such destruction at the hands of the natural elements can be hard to process. While people were still trying to make sense of the volumes of water and images out of Rockport, Houston and Port Arthur, it’s likely that the visuals of destruction from Barbuda on September 6, only to be followed by the far-less reported news and footage coming out of St. John and St. Thomas a day or two later, could have resulted in en masse numbing or a virtual withdrawal among lives whose concepts of reality were just being too burdened by weather unpredictability layered atop political and cultural unpredictability to compute.

One unexpectedly positive turn during Hurricane Harvey in Houston was that cell phone service never went down for many people, and so it was possible to stay in touch and provide a lifeline of encouragement and support throughout the aftermath unlike Hurricane Ike back in 2008 where high winds in Houston knocked out much cell service almost instantly. With many friends still in Houston, we started a group text chat with 8 of them on the day Hurricane Harvey landed there, and we have continued the conversation to date.

All of these friends have varying degrees of world views and experience involving spirituality, the world of energy and/or service to others, and the perspective afforded by these views and experiences proved to serve them well. What was striking about what they all shared, both about what they experienced personally and what they witnessed happening in the community, was the community-wide positivity and unifying helping spirit that blossomed in Harvey’s wake. Houston and much of Texas have always had a welcoming spirit, but Texas has also lately been some of the swampiest ground of least inclusive and most exclusionary anti-humanitarian policymaking and sentiment around.

Houston has pulled together before through big weather events, but the sense coming out of our community of friends seemed to be that this time was different. As we shared energy perspectives on what was happening in Houston and why it was so important that spiritually-oriented lives of goodwill and service like them were there, one of our friends concluded, “Hardship can be a force of good”. That is about as wise a realization of the cyclic nature of planetary evolution as can be, and it inspired us to share excerpts of the Hurricane Harvey text conversation thread to illustrate and tell the story from the ground that hardship, especially of a sudden and community-wide nature, can indeed be a force of good.

From us:

“Hello, Houston loved ones… I received photos and a report about an hour ago from one of our current co-workers there that show the substantial amounts of flooding that were in the forecast. Checking in to see if you are all okay, and if there is any help needed that I can supply from a distance (in addition to the energy ecosystem support we have been actively doing since Thursday night). I hope you have all been able to get to high ground and safely ride out this big wakeup call to the US and this initiatory moment for Houston and its people and the servers of good on the ground that you all are to help the US express more of the spirit it truly is and the light it is meant to be for the world. Your presence there as a spiritually-aware and energetically-attuned person of goodwill and active service is significant.

Response from K:

“House flooded. We were evacuated by boat. At a friend’s.”

Response from A:

“Here with hungry neighbors. Need to get cooking for them. Stay safe, y’all.”

Response from S:

“It’s amazing to see so many people and dogs out taking a breaking, walking in the drizzle and saying hi to strangers. Unifying.”

Response from C:

“Thank you for reminding us that hardship can be a force for good.”

Response from us:

“We get to see again and again that humans are wired to rise to their best selves and community in crisis. Glad to hear dogs and their humans are out unifying. A photo meme was circulating this morning of a dog walking down the street with a big bag of dog food in his/her mouth!”

Response from A:

“Many people getting the opportunity to reach out and help one another. It has been great to experience that here at our apartment complex.”

Response from C:

“Many parts of Kingwood are being evacuated. My son was just picked up by boat… He is at a church in Kingwood. They have food and mattresses for everyone at least.”

Follow-up response from C the next day:

“My son was visited by an angel who came into the shelter and took him into their home tonight!… Send them some love.”

Response from K:

“Love the idea of a renaissance in Houston.”

Response from us:

“There is no doubt that Houston and Houstonians will emerge into a fresh, rejuvenating, more unified, creative and wiser next chapter much as Galveston did after [Hurricane] Rita and then Ike. As a family member in the Houston area shared as an observation with us, ‘This is a spiritual awakening.'”

Response from A:

“Hi, y’all. Just want to let you know I am going back to work tomorrow. I will be carpooling with a co-worker. Folks are getting back in the saddle here!”

Response from K:

“Agreed. Definitely a spiritual awakening.”

Response from C:

“We are getting back to normal here, yet in a more grateful state of mind.”

Response from St:

“Agreed. More ‘back to normal’, but with more interaction/connectedness/togetherness.”

Response from A:

“Folks are being friendly to each other… My co-worker has been driving me around and has opened her home to me. The folks from Bethel Church were at our complex this AM with packing supplies and helping folks move their stuff. Houston is like a beehive today!”

Response from K (whose house was flooded):

“We have our work cut out for us. We have to help people during those very heavy moments to press forward! I’ve had some very heavy moments these last few days. The very good news is I’ve shifted to starting to accumulate more love and less stuff. News Flash, Harvey: This experience has brought me more love and less stuff.”

Response from us:

“That is a marvelous and liberating evolution. More love! More love! More love!”

Response from St:

“We spent the day yesterday working at my sister’s. Her whole block was under water, and now the cleanup begins. It was devastating to see. And – there was so much love flooding in. Complete strangers dropping off cases of water, packing/cleaning supplies, dinner, snacks. There was very little parking because so many people were there helping demo other people’s houses. There was no big organized group spearheading the efforts. It was just individuals doing what they felt called to do and it ended up being so perfectly orchestrated. That’s what made it so beautiful.”

Response from us:

“A vision and taste of the future society of sharing and good…”

Response from St:

“Yes. It’s a real thing.”

Response from us:

“It’s so important that spiritual servers and people of goodwill like all of you are having this tangible experience of this future reality today that community of love, helping, sharing and goodwill is real. This is an externalization of a plan of world good and the forces of love. It has been said that a primary work of the Christ, which is not only a Christian life but a living embodiment and force of love for all, is to make real ‘life more abundantly’ through the ‘hearts of the people’. It is truly beautiful to see.”

Response from St the following day:

“We’re spending the day in Galveston today. It is exceptionally peaceful and pristine at the beach. We came to refresh and refuel. When we got down to the beach, a man that works for the city came over to thank us for coming today. He asked us to help spread the word that while Galveston is usually the city most affected by storms, and the recipient of goodwill, during this time when they had been spared, they were wanting to be of service to Houston and the surrounding area. He said that what they had to offer was a place to come and heal, to relax, to be joyful. They’re not charging for parking on the beaches, many attractions are free and they want to host the weary while they rest. Another beautiful example of each person/place offering what is uniquely them. It’s staggering – this is happening everywhere I look.”

Unusual, unexpected and unprecedented circumstances are often one of the only magnitudes of force in this modern day and age able to pull us out of the routine of “normal”. Humanity is such a potent builder of magnetic and rhythmic culture – which is part of its purpose to do – that moving out of the “way things are done” or the “way things are” or the “things I have to do” is almost inconceivable on a community-level or nation-level scale. Human beings show over and over again that all of their best qualities – our shared divine qualities as one humanity – rise to the surface when we are placed into extreme circumstances. This is the major path of evolution and spiritual progression on this planet Earth.

Human beings and humanity are unique crossroads and meeting grounds of contrasting qualities, forces, energies and experiences. In a natural state before stepping onto a conscious path of evolving and progressing, we generally exist as two major potentials and expressions: from the heart up lives the potential of “divine stuff” and the life of the soul. From the solar plexus down lives the manifested physical stuff and the material life of the personality, also known as “the incarnated soul”. It is this heart up part of us that gets stimulated on a community-wide and humanity-wide scale when “normal” is flipped on its head by hurricanes and earthquakes. When “normal” and material life get too entrenched and dominant, a sort of instinctual, basic autopilot existence of the solar plexus down forms a rail that is difficult to dismount. It is not coincidence that in several conversations just prior to the eclipse, hurricanes, monsoon and earthquake, the theme of “survival”, “just surviving” and “how to survive” came up. When the life below the solar plexus is not actively, consistently, consciously, conscientiously and rhythmically informed by the higher purpose conferred by “the divine stuff” and the life of the soul, then life pretty much is only and all about survival, even among people of goodwill and good intent. The pressures of material existence assume disproportionate importance, and it can be hard to access the reality of abundance.

Floods literally wash all that away. Yes, basic survival were front and center – immediately and for entire cities and islands. But what this massive “disruption of normal” through the submersion of all the “solid”, “tangible” things we take for granted as just being there did was create space for the recognition of an abundance and currencies far more important, far more unlimited, far more omnipresent and far more accessible than money and things – love, compassion, caring, sharing, helping, generosity, unity. Humans are wired to help. It is in this that we are divine. It is in this that we are Christ-like (no matter what faith we profess or don’t profess). All the other stuff is what gets stimulated when there is an over-focus on material life and the dulling effect of “normal”. When the solar plexus does not remember the heart, when the navel does not remember the brow, when the base does not remember the crown, the purpose is veiled and forgotten, and an instinctual, individualistic or tribal existence of appetites, desires, ambitions, worries, territoriality and limitation due to lack of funds or due to protecting one’s funds takes over.

A definition of the spiritual path is waking up to the co-existence of the two potentials/expressions of the divine life of the soul and the material life of the personality and bringing them into union, mutual awareness and mutual cooperation. When this is done, an outcome is the “ensouling” or spiritualizing of the manifested material life. This creates a different reality, usually first individually and then within groups and communities. The recent weather events created an intense window to witness and experience a taste of this different reality – “life more abundantly” – both individually and at group, community and even humanity scale. Once a human being has experienced something, the reality of that is etched, and while some may go back to certain habits when life becomes “normal”, many lives are left no longer wanting the normal. The taste of the new reality is just too good, too real, too much of a remembering of our divinity to go back to the way things were.

AUGUST 29, 2017


Seekers and explorers of truths and meanings – spiritual and scientific truths and meanings, intellectual and physical truths and meanings, subjectively sensed and objectively studied truths and meanings – constantly search for new territory and the unifying underlying structure and rhythms of progressive movement that many seekers sense. It can be said that it is largely this sense that impulses explorers to seek. New territory is rapidly unfolding, and it is important for seekers and explorers in every field to be aware of this unfoldment and the opportunities and necessities it brings for flexible and limber seeking that incorporates the new on the solid relevant foundations of what has come before.

Throughout human history, we have progressed through evolutions of thought and frameworks, the fact and trend of which seekers ever magnetically gravitate towards. It was written in two major sets of texts during the World War I and II years that an approximately 2000-year period of humanity learning, realizing and expressing the principle and reality that “God is Love” (an expression of the heart of evolution and spiritual unfoldment) would be followed and amplified by humanity learning, realizing and expressing the principle and reality that “All is Energy” (an expression of the synthesized will and purpose impulsing evolution and spiritual unfoldment that encompasses the “God is Love” principle and reality).

As a world teacher communicated in writings from 1950,

“Through the effort of a group of seekers, such as the scientific investigators in every country, who together are searching for light on the problems of manifestation or for some means to alleviate human suffering, a revelation comes. The effort of such a group often lifts upon the wings of its unrealised aspiration some one [person] who can then penetrate into the world of divine Ideas and there find the longed for cure or key and thus [he or she] intuitively discovers a long sought secret. The discovery…is as much a revelation as the truths presented by the World Teachers. Who shall say that the statement God is Love is of more value than the statement that All is Energy?”

Preceding the commencement of the modern AD western calendar and the “God is Love” learning and realization phase for humanity, an approximately 2000-year period saw humanity stimulated through learning, realizing and expressing the principle of “the Word of God” or the “Logos” (from the Greek, meaning ‘word’ or ‘reason’). This phase was greatly experienced and stewarded by the Judaic line, with the manifesting and deep study of texts and symbolic significances of letters, numbers and their various arrangements and combinations. While the “Biblical era” of the past 2000 years activated the love capacity in humanity, and the incoming 2000 years are designed to activate the synthetic will and purpose capacity in humanity, the “Word of God” era activated the intelligence-reason-intellect capacity in humanity. The reason of this era reached a pinnacle with the realizations and teachings of the Buddha, whose seeking led him to perceive a blueprint for “right living” and alleviation of suffering through the wisdom of diverse experience, intelligent discernment, unmediated direct contact with divinity and illumination through the concept of “God Immanent” (divinity pervading all of existence and the natural world) and compassion for all things. The blending of rigorous and intelligent Judaic study as a path to divine understanding with Buddhist wisdom as a path to illumination prepared the way for Christ’s universal message, power and example of love as a path to divine union and oneness.

Visually, we can see these cycles of unfoldment as follows:

These 3 cycles of unfoldment could be called “3 Cycles of Divine Aspect”. One does not have to be religious or even “spiritual” to recognize the presence, valuing and expressions of 1) will/purpose 2) love/heart and 3) intelligence/mind in human nature. Proceeding around the wheel of unfoldment, starting with the development of intelligence/mind/”the Word of God”, we have progressed through development of love/heart/”God is Love” and are emerging into the cycle of developing will/purpose/”All is Energy”.

Each cycle of unfolding realization builds on and incorporates the substance, ideas and realizations of the one that came before in a cumulative process of moving forward and evolving. As we move into a next cycle of development, we do not leave behind what has been learned, experienced, assimilated and expressed as civilization and culture in the preceding cycle, and there are often overlaps of development from cycle to cycle. This is true for humanity as a whole as we move forward together as one human family, and it is true within the lives of individual human beings as we go through different phases of life that activate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, identification and interrelations.

We can see this concurrent and cumulative nature of the evolution of consciousness and unfolding realization in human history visually as follows:

Humanity has yet to fully demonstrate the “love aspect” expressed and experienced as “God is Love” and embodied by the life of Christ for us all, not just for Christians or for the religious. (The first three progressions of the Christ experience – birth, baptism, transfiguration – have been described in many other texts, cultures and traditions, including the mythology of Hercules and the Arjuna experience in the Bhagavad Gita). But the concepts of “God is Love” and “the heart is more powerful than the head” are commonly and pervasively believed and valued in our modern times. While it is not necessarily fully accurate that the “heart is more powerful than the head”, as a human interpretation of a universal seed truth, it is positive evidence that humanity realizes and values the “God is Love” concept and resonates profoundly with the aspect of love and the power of the heart.

Every age with its civilization and culture has given birth to new dawnings of understanding and ways of living. And with every new dawning, change is necessary. Today’s divisive world happenings and equally unifying world happenings are clear evidence that we are in a meeting point of two major evolutionary cycles.

Seekers and explorers of truth and meaning are the “early adopters” and forerunners who pick up on the incoming new seed ideas for new living and new ever more inclusive culture, which is the inevitable progression of evolution. In this time of meeting cycles and the emerging potent effects of the stream of will and purpose, the keen minds and loving hearts of seekers and explorers are needed to recognize and respond to the impacts and interplays of the energies of will and purpose and the world of energy emerging as part of this cycle with its underlying reality that “All is Energy”.

For many sensitive seeking and exploring lives, these impacts of will and purpose may feel foreign, different, disorienting and maybe even strange or overwhelming. Will and purpose stimulate direction, focus, clarity, forward thinking, momentum, organization, resilience, discipline; rigorous, precise and accurate planning, study and interpretation; and practical action and implementation of new vision, principles and plans in the world. If this is understood and anticipated, it will be realized that these qualities when added to the foundation of the keen, discerning mind and the tender, loving heart render seekers, explorers and servers of goodwill everywhere potently magnetic and radiatory centers of good.

But resistance to the incoming cycle, the well-meaning (and sometimes not well-meaning) over-preservation and non-questioning of what has come before (“tradition”, dogma, spiritual decrees from thousands of years ago when conditions were different, “history”) and many people’s general tendency to live looking back to the past rather than looking towards and living in the brighter future which can be known if it is sought creates strain, and if we only recognize or value that “God is Love” without recognizing and valuing that God is also Intelligence and God is Will and Purpose, we may not see the more complete evolving picture or catch the incoming wave. We may, in fact, participate in delaying it and missing the magnificent unfolding opportunities this emerging era creates for humanity to realize and fulfill more of its purpose and destiny.

So a call goes out to all seekers and explorers of truths and meanings: Take note when coming across the concept that “All is Energy”, and recognize that this concept is an expression of divinity and spiritual reality (as well as a proven physical fact) and a unified progression and continuum of God is Intelligence and God is Love. It is a manifesting and completing into living expression on Earth of the sacred trinities and triplicities at the core of many religions, philosophies and sciences. Initiatives and lives with a declared mission of bringing the reality that All is Energy to life are part of the continuum across millennia of the unfolding divinity of humanity and the planet, and you are needed to bring an open, discerning mind; a ready, loving heart and a resilient, steady will-to-serve and grow into this collaborative one world work of realizing and enacting this next phase of divine unfoldment through the emerging divine aspect and reality that “All is Energy”. You are needed to recognize that the emerging world of energy is the emerging “Kingdom of God”, the emerging “community of souls” and the emerging “heaven on Earth” that so many seekers and explorers have been searching for and expectantly anticipating down through the ages.

AUGUST 15, 2017


Three events happened over this past week that all prompted leaders and commentators to announce publicly that “words matter”.

The first was the President of the United States throwing down a verbal gauntlet to the leader of North Korea in response to North Korea’s purported miniaturization of a nuclear warhead: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

The second was the storm of controversy around a Google software engineer’s leaked internally-posted 10-page paper – “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” – making a (highly-researched and cited) biological/genetic case for the gender gap at Google and in the tech industry and claiming that an environment at Google of purported bias towards forced diversity had, for the author, created a bubble where conservative views were unable to be expressed.

The third was rioting at a white supremacist protest of the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a 20-year-old with alleged Nazi sympathies rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring 19 others.

In the case of the “fire and fury” kerfuffle, the multiple major news outlets of The AtlanticForbes and The Diplomat all made the statement that “words matter”.

In the case of Google, CEO Sundar Pichai responded to the software engineer’s paper with a memo reportedly entitled, “Our Words Matter”.

And in the case of the Charlottesville riots and car-ramming, at a march in Sacramento, California to stand with Charlottesville, Sacramento Mayor, Darrell Steinberg, said, “Words matter. What a leader of a country does and does not say – matter[s].”

These three situations are all complex and involve subtleties and the balancing of impacts and interests of multiple stakeholders that need to be acknowledged and accounted for wisely regardless of what one believes ideologically, politically or morally. They prompt questions and a need/opportunity for deep and rigorous thinking about complexities of “rights”, speech, ethical conduct and how we as societies create safe, healthy and right conditions for all lives to thrive and express many diverse views in environments that can harmonize the views for the good of all.

With regard to the first situation, the US President is dealing with a culture that regularly uses forceful words and hyperbolic threats and now may have seriously violated international agreements. With regard to the second situation, Google is dealing with a paper that many scientists have publicly affirmed is based on sound and accurate science (even though some of them note that how it was presented not surprisingly and understandably created tensions), and while some of the positioning of the science may be seriously distasteful to vast portions of the population, were the inaccurate media portrayal of the “Echo Chamber” paper as a “rant” and the mob mentality that reared its head in the aftermath responsible and constructive responses? With regard to the third situation in Charlottesville, the white supremacists were engaged in hate speech and were using symbols that are banned in Germany, but both the white supremacists and the counterprotesters were reported to be using physical blows, bottles and chemical irritants on each other. There is no doubt that ramming a car into a crowd is wrong – period. There is no doubt that what the white supremacists were saying was ugly and dangerous to many ears, but where is the line of free speech, and have we arrived at a place where we might need to come together to consider moving that line? These are not easy questions to answer, especially with knee-jerk, ideologically-based, black-and-white responses.

So how can we navigate all this?


They really do matter for a most simple and profound reason – words are energy. When words are uttered, they have passed through a creation process of manifestation that sets a whole chain of energies in motion and builds an “energy ecosystem” that shapes and colors interactions between the utterer(s) of the words and the target(s) and impacts the many lives in the ecosystem.

The reality that all words are energy set loose into the environment and shaping the environment is a significant enough truth on its own, but when positions of power and leadership are added into the mix, the words are even more impacting and potent – not just for the normally-cited reasons that people listen more and are affected more by the words of leaders – but also because the words of leaders that are heard by many people whose destinies may depend all or in part on the actions of those leaders are actually more loaded energetically than the same words said by someone else.

The leader of the world’s most armed nation saying to a much smaller, isolated potentially newly-nuclear nation, “fire and fury like the world has never seen”, sets something completely different in motion energetically and ecosystemically than a 5-year-old on a playground saying to a playmate that they will be met with “fire and fury like the world has never seen”. On the playground, the utterer and listener may get into fisticuffs, and the utterer may become hyperactive, agitated and spring-loaded to act out through tapping into the energy and manifested intention of “fire and fury”. But on the world stage, between two new and unseasoned leaders of an unsettled superpower and an unsettled upstart power – both potentially with access to nuclear arms – the utterer, the listener and every other country in the world and their populations may get stimulated into a vortex of energetically-fueled brinksmanship that can get further fueled by people’s fears and uncertainties.

This difference in energetic potency of the same words among different utterers and listeners is related to the energy Law of Magnitude, which is similar to the economic principle of economies of scale. The bigger the scope of the field of the utterer’s influence, the greater the magnitude of potential energetic and ecosystemic impact. Potent words thrown about – with calculation or off-the-cuff – by leaders without knowing the energetic science of language and words persist as created things, gathering more and more energy to them as they circulate and “land” in the energy bodies and ecosystems of many, many lives. As they circulate and build up substance – for example through fear-stoking media reports – they can become massively distorted and massively fed by fear. In isolation from the thinking and purpose behind them, they are likely to be interpreted through many lenses, which may be inaccurate due to incomplete information or personal biases. This is one of the ways certain world situations have become apparently intractable. The energies of words uttered with potent force by leaders hundreds or thousands of years ago and the ecosystems built up around them have become like juggernauts quite literally backing lives into a corner where ways forward cannot be seen or perceived.


We do not need to agree. But as a world, and an increasingly interconnected one at that, the wielding of words must evolve into being guided by a consciousness and attempt to do no harm and to diminish no life. The energy of words must be recognized as a reality. The uttering of words must be realized as an energetic science. And learning the “energy of language” and the “language of energy” must become a priority.

Doing no harm and diminishing no life does not mean “going soft”. It does not mean “not being firm”. It does not mean allowing another to diminish someone else. The protesters in Charlottesville may have a legal right to say the things they did, but they diminished not only the energies of the populations they were targeting through their words (and the energy and ecosystem of Charlottesville), but they also diminished the energies of themselves through the act of diminishing others. This is the energy Law of Reciprocity in action – whatever someone puts out comes back to them in one form or another and at one time or another. It is an expression of the law that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” and the pure physics that just about anyone who practices martial arts or tai chi knows: When you extend physically in one direction, there is a natural anatomical counterbalancing that will seek to occur.

So what do we do with this? An important step is to know that diminishing words we have set in motion can and should be de-commissioned. They will roam around and continue impacting us and others until they run out of steam, which – depending on the will, purpose and power of the utterer – can take years to happen. There are concrete ways to do this through energetic science.

Another important step is to start making contact with the effects of different word energies on our bodies and ecosystems to inform how we communicate and conduct ourselves. This requires waking up to the existence and constitution of our various bodies and their centers for responding, receiving, stationing and distributing flows of energy like that of words. There are safe ways to experience this through energetic science.

When the accurate perception of energy impacts is developed through experience, technical understanding and practice, lives will be equipped to better assess what causes diminishment or harm and will be able to calibrate how much, when and what to speak accordingly. Scenarios will be assessed according not only to individual impact or need to express, but increasingly according to group impacts and needs to express and eventually whole-world impacts and needs to express. The ability to perceive what is actual diminishment and harm and what may look like diminishment and harm to a loving heart but is actually a loving quick cut to lance a deadly situation for the long-term health of the greatest whole will grow and refine.

As more lives get exposed to de-commissioning the word energies they have set in motion; get to know their energy bodies, centers and ecosystems; become familiar with the energy of language and the language of energy; and start speaking truly responsibly with a more full awareness of energy impacts, humanity will be poised to become the builder of beauty that it is meant to be.

We can each start today, and our world will start to change. So how will we make our words really matter today and every day?

AUGUST 08, 2017


Dear Citizens of the World,

All is energy…living, moving and being through energy. All lives – from the home galaxy we call the Milky Way and the billions of stars that inhabit it, to the sun that powers our solar system and its planets, to the whole human family and its billions of members, to the lives we call plants, animals and minerals, to the energies we call atoms, and to the places and spaces we call nature, countries and cities – all are living citizens of the world of energy created by the interplays of energies.

Imagine for a moment that you are strands of energy – that every physical sensation, every emotion, every thought, every contact with another life form is a line of light and energy. Imagine that when you extend yourself in outward contact, you create a line of energy and light to the life or environment you are contacting, and when you receive contact, you are connected with another life’s lines of light. Now imagine that every other living thing in existence is also strands of energies of physical sensation, emotion, thought (where a mind is active) and contact. And then imagine that all the stars in space through their orbits and trajectories and travels have built up networks of billions of lines that have produced the brilliant bodies of light we see. Now imagine that your physical body has dropped away and what is left is the lines of light. This is a reality. When sunlight strikes moisture in a certain way, we see 7 colors come to view. Those colors always exist, but it takes a certain combination of light and moisture for them to be revealed to the physical eye. Our lines of energy light always exist, but it takes a certain combination of awareness and consciousness for them to be revealed.

Each citizen of the world of energy moving through the ecosystems and atmospheres of interplaying energies is a spark of living energy that is Life, representing a universal and unique light in existence, growing through a shared path of experiences, stewarding energies for good and playing an important part in a wondrous world collaborative trekking through the world of energy together.

> You are living energy > you are unique and universal in the world > you are expanding your reality and consciousness on a shared path of experience > you are a steward of energies for good > you’ve incarnated to play and sound a beautiful purpose and mission into expression in cooperation with a cosmic unifying shared purpose and world collaborative of living energies.

So all is energy… You and all lives – incarnated and not incarnated – are citizens of the world of energy… What does that mean for you and for life?

It means our understandings and ways of being and relating in the world are vastly enriched and expanded. When all is energy, all is connected, diverse, continuous and one. When all is energy, our paths in life, relationships and resources are abundant. When all is energy, world ideas, thoughts, words, beliefs, feelings, money are CREATED LIVES, energies in motion. They have substance. When all is energy, we are co-creating in continuous collaboration, even if we think we are creating on our own. When we speak a word of goodness or formulate a thought and share it with others, an unseen (to the naked eye) community of energetic forces and lives respond to collaborate and make real the purpose, intent and tone of the thought or word. When we ask a question like, what is our purpose in the world?, a collective of energies is set in motion to clarify and illuminate our consciousness with an answer. When all is energy, the ecosystem around us is much more than the physical world we see with our currently recognized senses and can study under a microscope; it’s an inter-related network of existences, magnetic forces and fields of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cosmic energies. When all is energy, there is no death of Life; there is continuity of living, moving, being and evolving through many states and worlds of energy.

As citizens in a world where all is energy, the definition of being a citizen expands and brings different implications, opportunities, responsibilities and capacities. Citizens of the world of energy understand that how they move through the world shapes and impacts its physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual ecosystem and our experience of it.

Because of these recognized realities, citizens of the world of energy orient themselves and their works to being stewards of good and agents of evolution. As stewards of good, they are tuned in to seeing the good in all and create opportunities for that good to express. As stewards of good, they strive to do no harm and build beauty, motivated by and expressing themselves through pure thought, pure speech and pure action that diminishes no life and seeks good for all. As aspiring agents of evolution, they recognize the inherent impulse to growth and purpose and fuller expression in every life and direct their energies and expertise to seeing that expression fulfilled. As aspiring agents of evolution, they see all nations, all peoples, all movements, all religions, all cultures, all forms of governance, all inventions, all fields of endeavor, all world challenges and all world needs as expressions and experiments of the impulse to evolve, and they salute that impulse within every effort.

Citizens of the world of energy recognize and value the life within every life. The rock of the mountain, the wind that moves the trees, the song of a bird, the love infused into a child’s beloved stuffed animal, the waves of an ocean, the vibration of an atom, the growth of a city, the spirit of a nation, the light of the sun… For the citizen of the world of energy, every corner of existence thrums with life.

So, dear citizens of the world of energy, how are you called and inspired to bring good and evolution to life for all?

AUGUST 01, 2017


Phew! It’s been quite the rollercoaster of a week – from North Korea getting busy with their submarines, to the mouth of “The Mooch” talking his way out of the White House in just 10 days, to beloved individual spiritual and serving lives struggling in the “in between” of the daily life of what many are experiencing as an unstable earthly existence and the steady space of the soul.

In this “in between” space this week, important questions and themes were heard:

“Why is this being asked of me? Why, when I feel I’ve given so much, am I being called to give more?”

“What does it mean to ‘be the soul’, to ‘stand in the light of the soul’, and how do I do that?”

“The thing I could always count on was nature and God in nature, but nature is no longer reliable. How do you navigate that sense of despair for the earth and the loss of being able to experience God in nature with faith?”

These are the types questions we need to be asking, not just the spiritually-oriented among us. Tech is trying to address the question of how you navigate life in changing nature, and what can be done to prevent the loss of nature’s commons. Governments are trying to find the right balances of power that support progress and cooperation while keeping life healthy, secure and prosperous. Many religions are seeking their most needed forms to be relevant and fulfill their purpose in today’s times. It’s a reason we find so many churches currently focusing their congregational missions on environmental stewardship.

These are the questions humanity and nations need to be asking, and so much of what is happening in the world are orchestrated events to get individual lives and humanity and nations asking.

So what is a key to contemplating, addressing and living through these big questions and the events that are prompting them and other questions like them?


Many of the world’s helping, quietly nurturing and caring lives are sensitive. They often care and want to help because they are sensitive, feeling what others are feeling and placing themselves in others’ shoes by nature and instinct. The child who is squeamish about seeing blood or surgery or injections in fictitious stories on TV or in movies may not be a wimp or fearful; they may so relate to what they are seeing that they feel the pain of the blood or knife or injection. If they are so sensitive that they cannot be out in the world interacting with others too much, their natural capacity and impulse to help and care becomes unexpressed, and this usually turns into pent-up resentments that may be known or unknown.

Many of the world’s highly active, powerful, visible and producing lives have strong and confident ideas and opinions. They are often active, powerful and externally productive because they seek knowledge and expertise and solutions. This seeking brings power, but if the power is over-identified with or seen as superior to other modes of being, it can perceive other ideas, opinions and approaches as a threat, as an undermining and destabilizing force, and the active, producing person will double-down on the ideas that bring a sense of power, worth and identity. This usually creates polarizing power struggles that devolve into black-and white battles of thought and word and sometimes fist (or its modern-day equivalent of weaponizing).

Both lines need to seek and build stabilizing steadiness and resilience within themselves and within the communities they are part of and then across communities.

The nurturing helpers often do have a stabilizing presence and force for others – just think of the teacher you remember most – but it frequently comes at the price of personal steadiness and resilience. They can often tend to take on everyone else’s “stuff”, celebrating the joys and suffering through the pains. They may be able to go 12 hours straight with a gaggle of inquisitive 3-year-olds, which is a stamina all its own, but their bodies are falling apart in the process.

When spiritual service is added to the nurturing helper life, it can be even more challenging. The past 3,000 years (and many thousands of years before that in the east) were a cycle of evolution through abstraction and paths for discovery of more universal truths. Philosophy, religion, mathematics, astronomy, music, art, poetry, exploration of uncharted lands, medicine, healing, meditation, the building of monuments and cultivated spaces… All developed and refined the emotional life and responsiveness of humanity and put lives in contact with “Big Truths” and “Big Ideals”, often through the feeling and sensing apparatus of the emotions. This created in humanity a capacity and readiness to be “impressed by” (or to perceive) ideas through love and the faculties of the heart. Some of the greatest lovers alive are the business lives who purely love turning an idea into a physicality that in many cases generates a great deal of money, improves life and creates abundance of opportunities, growth and resources for those collaborating around the idea (which includes the leaders, the investors, the workers, the suppliers, the users or purchasers, the local community and the hosting government where the business operates).


Very spiritually-oriented helper lives and servers have very definitely developed abstraction and love, but today’s challenge is presented by the shift into a new phase of evolution through grounded, organized activity and ordered, rhythmic, practical application. The abstraction has done its work. It has been turned inward and upward long enough. The world and humanity are urgently voicing out for effective solutions to very urgent challenges. This requires spiritual helper lives and servers to hear and heed the call by turning their love and care and inward power of abstraction – which is a power to vision the future – outward to the sharing with all lives of the “Big Truths” and “Big Realities” they live, sharing the money they have and sharing the clarity borne of meditation that they bring, with a special focus on the active power-oriented lives who are wired to turn the new ideas, ideals and realities into applicable frameworks and solutions that can reach creatively into every corner of the world.

For many nurturing helper and spiritual lives, their sensitivity can make it especially challenging to interface with people who are different than they are, people who wield a strong outward and ambitious power and who often value the currencies of data and dollars to perceive, receive or reject an idea or approach. For many nurturing helper and spiritual lives, there can be hesitation to voice out what they know, sense or have experienced to be true through not wanting to make others uncomfortable, not wanting to seem like they are imposing, not having the words to describe an “abstract” experience, or not wanting to be rejected for sharing “soft”, “intangible”, “non-objective” or “unmeasurable” ideas. But the world’s need is currently so great, the hesitating helper just has to get over it. Who else but those who have dedicated themselves to the nurturing of life and the cultivating of wisdom can help guide humanity and the planet together as we face our shared evolutionary thresholds? This requires resilience. It requires stabilizing steadiness. The nurturers of the world must value and work towards being steady, strong, centered, stable, healthy and vital and dynamic at every level (especially in their physical bodies), not easily swayed and able to objectively understand and explain the future truths and realities they are living today. In this new world of evolution through objective manifestation, the nurturing helper who does not speak will congest through their unexpressed impulse, capacity and resources to help, and problems can ensue – from the existential to the physical.

For the nurturing helper and spiritual life, their stabilizing steadiness and resilience can come from attention and direction focused into a high degree of outward activity of sharing nurturing and spiritual realities, values and principles in organized, concise, clear and applicable ways. Life and the world are moving onward inexorably from the time of meditating for the sake of meditating, reading for the sake of having a new idea that is put away inside an internal box, asking questions for the sake of just collecting new insight for oneself, having expansive spiritual experiences for the sake of achieving a personal nirvana. Stabilizing steadiness and resilience will come from sharing, intelligently crafting new frameworks and approaches for living and serving others soulfully wherever one can. And it will come from moving the bodies. The transfer of spiritual and nurturing power into a fiery furnace of magnetic and high-impact transformation can happen more quickly through conscientious physical movement than ever before.


On the other hand, the actively outward-facing, production-oriented lives are strong in many ways, but can be made ultimately brittle by crystallized adherence to the church of their strongly-held ideas, expertise and opinions. In a high wind, the rigid tree falls. And much of the polarizing atmosphere we are experiencing today and the heightened “saber-rattling” among the world’s self-styled strongmen are manifestations of rigidities. Crusaders of business, government, science and tech ideas are very little different from the conquering Crusaders of the Medieval era if they are not open to new and radical ideas – not just radical according to their own definitions that spring from within their own communities, but truly radical because they come from a future, from a reality, from an underlying world plan that most brilliant minds do not yet know. A life that has a publicly declared mission of helping humanity thrive or moving humanity forward who is unwilling or unresponsive to having a conversation about the emerging reality that all is energy, operating through the elegant operating system that is the world of energy impulsing all outer events and forms and about what this means for every aspect of life is not serving their mission.

For the outward-facing life who helps through production and objective manifestation, stabilizing steadiness and resilience can come from openness and structured flow and, yes, even from meditation or other practices that help bring their brilliant minds to the next threshold of their evolution – the “buddhic” consciousness or what is sometimes called “pure reason”. This is a plane of perception that exists beyond the mind, beyond words, beyond thought, beyond categorizing, packaging and labeling. For the outward-facing, action-oriented life, pliability of consciousness brings stabilizing steadiness and resilience to recognize that even the best ideas are meant to be placed in service to higher truths and broader collaborations that exist beyond the mind.

These active “trekkers on the path of living” are an immeasurable force for good when they bring the light of their soul (which is not a specifically religious thing but is an objective, highly engineered and high-viscosity component of our makeup) to the brilliance of their minds and actively engage their hearts, fueled by strong and active physical bodies. This is like nuclear fusion. But this cannot happen if the mind rules, and there is not openness or awareness towards ideas and approaches that source from beyond the mind. If bright minds only sponsor and collaborate around what they have already perceived, they will always be referencing the past, and no amount of effort will truly move humanity and the world forward.

A great world teacher quietly shared new insights with the world for future living through a series of books released during the World War I and World War II period. One of the most wise and profound insights into the swings and unsteadiness many lives are sensing and experiencing today can be found in one of them, published in 1934:

“‘The soul’s meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature as is all else in the cosmos. The soul breathes and its form lives thereby’. The rhythmic nature of the soul’s meditation must not be overlooked in the life of the aspirant. There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the ocean we have a wonderful picturing of an eternal law. As the aspirant adjusts [them]self to the tides of the soul life [they] begin to realise that there is ever a flowing in, a vitalising and a stimulating which is followed by a flowing out as sure and as inevitable as the immutable laws of force. This ebb and flow can be seen functioning in the processes of death and incarnation… This should be remembered by all of you who are workers when you are seeking to help others to live rightly. Are they on the ebb or are they being subjected to the flow of the soul energy? Are they passing through a period of temporary quiescence, preparatory to greater impulse and effort, so that the work to be done must be that of strengthening and stabilising in order to enable them to ‘stand in spiritual being’, or are they being subjected to a cyclic inflow of forces? In this case the worker must seek to aid in the direction and utilisation of the energy which (if misdirected) will eventuate in wrecked lives but which when wisely utilised will produce a full and fruitful service.

The above thoughts can also be applied by the student of humanity to the great racial cycles and much of interest will be discovered. Again, and of more vital importance to us, these cyclic impulses in the life of the disciplined and aspiring life are of a greater frequency and speed and forcefulness than in the life of the average [person]. They alternate with a distressing rapidity. The hill and valley experience of the mystic is but one way of expressing this ebb and flow. Sometimes the disciplined and aspiring life is walking in the sunlight and at other times in the dark; sometimes [they] know the joy of full communion and again all seems dull and sterile; [their] service is on occasion a fruitful and satisfying experience and [they] seem to be able to really aid; at other times [they] feel that [they] have naught to offer and [their] service is arid and apparently without results. All is clear to [them] some days and [they] seem to stand on the mountain top looking out over a sunlit landscape, where all is clear to [their] vision. [They] know and feel [them]self to be a son of God. Later, however, the clouds seem to descend and [they are] sure of nothing, and seem to know nothing. [They] walk in the sunlight and are almost overpowered by the brilliance and heat of the solar rays, and wonder how long this uneven experience and the violent alternation of these opposites is to go on.

Once however that [they] grasp the fact [they] are watching the effect of the cyclic impulses and the effect of the soul’s meditation upon its form nature, the meaning becomes clearer and [they] realise that it is that form aspect which is failing in its response, and re-acting to energy with unevenness. [They] then learn that once they can live in the soul consciousness and attain that ‘high altitude’ (if I might so express it) at will, the fluctuations of the form life will not touch [them]. [They] then perceive the narrow-edged razor path which leads from the plane of physical life to the soul realm, and find that when [they] can tread it with steadiness it leads [them] out of the ever changing world of the senses into the clear light of day and into the world of reality.

The form side of life then becomes to [them] simply a field for service and not a field of sensuous perception. Let the student ponder upon this last sentence. Let [them] aim to live as a soul.” 

Let us be stabilizingly steady. Let us be resilient. Let us turn our high truths into practical frameworks. And let our brilliant minds be as open and pliable as the wildflowers and grasses of a mountain meadow to the sunlight of the soul.

JULY 25, 2017


As we think about what the future looks like and get bombarded with news of apparent chaos every day, it’s easy for people of goodwill to fade out of hope and into withdrawal, to question where humanity’s goodness is, to wonder why there is so much division and discourteous discourse and how we can possibly all move forward together from here.

But there are “4 Facts for Hope” that are now emerging in new ways in response. Seekers of wisdom down through the ages have found and guarded these 4 Facts for Hope through their personal quests for more knowledge, understanding and spiritual illumination. But now these 4 Facts for Hope need to be shared. They need to be known. They need to be incorporated and applied in practical ways into the world population’s approaches to politics, inventing, business, education, health, science, collaboration, arts, philanthropy, spirituality, doing good…


1 >

A world plan of good exists for our planet.

This world plan, operating through all world happenings, can be seen and sensed. The planet and all of its inhabitants are evolving and progressing together. The world events that we experience and participate in – points of cooperation, points of opportunity and points of tension – are a working out of this world plan of good as part of our shared purpose and path of evolution at this unique point in time. Some might point to the many fields of tension we are experiencing today as evidence that there is no plan of good, but in fact, these tensions reveal that the world plan of good is more present and emerging faster than ever into society’s consciousness because they are produced when – during great thresholds of change – forces of emerging new modes of living (progression) and forces of what has come before (preservation) make contact.

In today’s world, progression and preservation are often seen as diametrically opposed with those on the side of progress and those on the side of preservation each thinking they are right and the other is wrong. The forces of progression and the forces of preservation are both needed. They are checks and balances on each other, working in tandem and in cooperation in a highly balanced, orchestrated, calibrated and elegant dance through the activity of the world plan of good. Progression that happens too fast leaves many people and segments of society behind; preservation that over-preserves for the sake of tradition or because “it’s how things have always been done” creates crystallized institutions, forms, beliefs and approaches that block evolving together as all life is meant to. These over-preserved forms inevitably crumble.

Over and over again throughout history, when “before” has met “incoming”, dissonance has happened, but the result has always been an expanding of humanity and the world into new realizations, new knowledge, new inventions and better living. Adjustment to new modes always takes time and requires what has come before to adapt or fade away, and this is where a realization that there is a world plan of good can help bring compassion to the processes of our unfolding evolution together with those stewarding what is incoming and those stewarding what has come before working together with understanding to support transitions.

Humanity has a long way to go before the full extent of the world plan of good is realized and present on earth, but we are getting closer all the time, and never have we moved so fast and so collectively towards this brighter living. The working out of the world plan of good is inevitable and unstoppable; the timing of its emergence and working out is in humanity’s hands.

2 >

A world collaborative of lives stewarding this world plan of good exists.

This collaborative exists and is stewarding this world plan of good on behalf of all, for the benefit of all. It has been present for thousands of years and at its core, is a council of guiding illuminated lives who embody the accumulated wisdom of the ages. This world collaborative is composed of many different networks of lives: the core of living souls who have come before as great world teachers; lives who are currently living on earth as spiritual agents and embodiments of wisdom in different fields of human endeavor, actively and consciously stewarding the world plan and bringing public awareness that it exists; a body of lives who identify as world servers and dedicate themselves in service to humanity and the planet for the good of all; and all people of all ages everywhere who are working towards good. The lives who are consciously stewarding the world plan are either already living in or aspiring towards what is known as the “5th Kingdom of Souls”. The 1st Kingdom is the mineral life. The 2nd Kingdom is the plant life. The 3rd Kingdom is the animal life. The 4th Kingdom is humanity. And the 5th Kingdom is those lives who are aware that they are souls and spirits, embody universal spiritual values and truths, have achieved a certain liberation from the past and self-generated limitations, love humanity and all life, recognize the soul and goodness in all, and are dedicated to serving all lives for the good of all.

The world collaborative is a force of love in the world, and there is an opportunity as part of the working out of the world plan of good for representatives of the world collaborative to emerge and make themselves present and available to humanity’s consciousness and cooperation from 2025 onwards. Now until 2025 represents an important window of preparation. Plans have been in the works for eons for the world collaborative, and its main emissary of love (who has been known throughout history by many names), to externalize, but an intensive window of preparation was set in motion in 1925 to present humanity with the opportunity to respond and help create the conditions needed for this externalization.

It is during the apparently darkest moments and deepest suffering that humanity’s nature reaches out with a shared and universal call for help and for love – through wondering, through thinking, through problem-solving, through envisioning, through pained hearts, through service, through prayer, through invocation. This massed call is always heard by the world collaborative and always invokes the world plan of good into greater presence and revelation. When these calls have been sounded and heard, great world-changing ideas have arrived and their stewards have emerged as “golden threads of good” moving us forward together. From now through 2025, we are in one of the most significant of these moments to have ever occurred.

3 >

We are all trekking a shared path of evolving together through energy.

We are all, and have always been, not only citizens of the physical world, but also citizens of a world of energy formed of and forming ecosystems of interacting energies. The world of energy has always existed, shaping and influencing world affairs and personal lives behind the scenes until the moment when humanity reaches its point in evolution and progress together for the world of energy to become externally present through humanity’s awareness of it. That moment has arrived.

We are connected, networked, spiritually seeking, creatively inventive, emotionally attuned and physically developed in ways not seen and not possible before. We are moving collectively towards waking up to the life of the soul and the reality that we are all trekking a path of progression towards this life together.

The growing evidence of energy is everywhere – from science to technology to film to spirituality. What has been speculation will increasingly become fact as it becomes more acceptable and common for those many lives who have experienced energy and flashes of soul contact to be able to share their experiences. The already-evident strong sense of stewardship amongst our youth and the very young lives who are very visibly and vocally standing for unity and equality are forerunners and responses to the reality that all is energy, unified, interconnected and evolving together through energy.

4 >

A collaborative approach to world stewardship is emerging.

A collaborative approach of world good and world stewardship is emerging as a culture and way to help lives discover that our purpose and path as citizens of the world of energy is to be wielders and stewards of energy for good and for the good of all. Realizing and sharing the energies we are here to play with and steward is one of our most important jobs, paths and shared adventures in life.

Goodness and love are potent forces in the world. They are not signs of weakness. They are not naive. But they do need to be active. They need to be practical. And they need to be applied. They are the inherent fueling fire of life and the expectant flame to be sparked within every human heart. For this to happen in this moment in time, they need structures for collaboration that do not yet exist. They need approaches that source from outside current modes of thinking and doing. They need adequate forms that cannot be conceived without awareness of the world of energy and application of its operating laws and principles. They need people to not only hope, but to know.

There are lives and endeavors that know, and they are here and present to help. But they need lives to respond, to wake up, to heed the call and participate in the vision and proposed actions of the growing body of open letters sounding out in the world today.

Together and awake to the 4 Facts for Hope, humanity can move mountains and experience the worlds of beauty and wonder on earth that it longs for.

JULY 18, 2017


Humanity, through its progress, has sounded a call, and an expanded reality is magically coming to life in response. It is a beautiful reality that has always existed back of all world and human happenings, waiting for that time when humanity as the one unified body that it is can wake up to this reality and share it with all life and lives for the good of all.

Humanity at its heart is an adventurous life and force. It is a seeker and collector of experience. It is a voice sounding out the harmony in variety.

Humanity at its heart is a curious life and force. It seeks to know and reveal. It is a source of light and understanding.

Humanity at its heart is a wondrous life and force. It seeks and responds to what is magical and new. It is a source of evolving truths revealed.

Humanity at its heart is a youthful life and force. It seeks to play and share. It is a source of abundant flow.

Humanity at its heart is a creative life and force. It seeks to build and manifest the electricity of ideas into form. It is a constructor and appreciator of beauty.

Humanity at its heart is a loving life and force. It seeks to help and aid. It is a steward of the good in all.

Humanity at its heart is a ceremonial and rhythmic life and force. It is a coalescer into community. It is a source of networked connection and consciousness through the force and majesty of organizing ritual.

Humanity is part of the magic it seeks. It is part of the magic it senses. It is part of the magic that in its heart, it already knows. Humanity is a wondrous and unique meeting ground of the magical and the known. It is a meeting ground of the kingdoms of nature and the kingdom of souls. It is a meeting ground of the multiplicity of the many and the unity of the one.

Humanity holds within itself a unique capacity for self-awareness and consciousness that makes it a stewarding bridge between the subatomic, atomic, mineral, plant and animal lives of earthly form and the expanded reality that is being revealed. This is the reality that all is energy, evolving together through energy.

Humanity is designed to wield energies and stimulating forces. It is designed to flow these energies and forces for the benefit of all as a steward of good. Humanity is designed to know the purpose of the lives we co-exist with on this planet, and help these lives express this purpose into life. Humanity is designed to be a cooperating and harmonizing life, whose full power of cooperation is engaged when it is stewarding other lives through discovery, interaction and the pursuit of understanding. Humanity has revealed through application the power of atoms and minerals. It has nurtured through appreciation the beauty and substance of plants. It has evoked through love the devotion, cooperation and consciousness of animals. This is part of what it is here to do.

As an evolving wielder of energies and stimulating forces, humanity is an impressionable life. As a wielder of energies and stimulating forces, humanity is a receptive and distributive life. As a wielder of energies and stimulating forces in training, humanity has an impulse to become one with what it is experiencing and a capacity to merge with what is revealed. As an apprentice wielder of energies and stimulating forces, humanity is being stimulated with a continuum of different energies to be able to recognize and distinguish them and where they are coming from, and flow what is good.

In the emerging reality that all is energy, evolving together through energy, the fact of 7 major living and creative streaming energies of good will be known by many when there is enough will-to-good, service and harmlessness that this fact can be handled and directed for good. These 7 streams are:

  1. Good through will and power
  2. Good through love and wisdom
  3. Good through creative active intelligence
  4. Good through beauty and harmony through contrast
  5. Good through concrete knowledge and science
  6. Good through idealism and devoted dedication
  7. Good through ceremonial order and organization

It is the eventual path of all lives, even those in the other kingdoms of nature that are not yet human – mineral, plant, animal – to embody and playfully wield all 7 of these streams of good for the benefit and betterment of all.

And playfulness is humanity’s superpower. Humanity as a collective whole most embodies and brings to life the 4th stream of good – good through beauty and harmony through contrast. Because this is humanity’s line, and through this line, it is impressionable and receptive, creative and experiential, humanity “tastes the waters” of the fullness of existence. It currently seeks and learns, realizes and grows through the “good” and the “bad”, the “light” and the “dark”, the “beautiful” and the “ugly”, the “joy” and the “pain” – all to create an orchestrated unified and unifying beauty of harmony through contrast. At its heart, humanity has the power to bring from the many, the one, and then it knows itself and experiences the oneness of its sourcing life. It brings “heaven to earth”, “spirit to matter”, “life to form”, and then the sourcing life knows itself at every level of its creation. Through the circuit of this shared and reciprocal experience, the spirit and reality of abundant exchange are brought to life.

This is the beautiful, magical path of humanity. Through the “bad”, it steps into the ever-growing light of good. Through the “dark”, it steps into the ever-growing light of truth. Through the “ugly”, it steps into the ever-growing light of beauty. Through the “pain”, it steps into the ever-growing light of joy. And then it liberates itself and all life from the binding prison of the unreal into the unbounded truth of the real.

We, as the one humanity, have brought ourselves to this threshold of ever-growing light through the invocative force of our exploration, experimentation and expression and our essential goodwill. We have brought ourselves to this threshold through the magnetic pulse of a spark of good that exists in the heart of every life. Through this continuous spark whose light is forged to emerge and expand through experience, we have progressed ourselves towards the truth of our beauty, the fact of our unity and the fullness of the reality that is the world of energy – all is energy, evolving together through energy. It is ever the light and lightness within that humanity is seeking and striving to bring out through all the shades and layers of existence.

So playfulness is humanity’s superpower. It is a solvent that dissolves all that binds. It is a truth that deconstructs the matrix of the unreal. It is a force that diffuses all that separates. It is a space of flow and play with the 7 energies of good that we are here to steward and wield. It is a house of living, loving, wondrous love that opens us to trek the great adventure and ultimate expedition of evolution through energy together that is the magic that humanity seeks and senses.

Through loving playfulness lies the path to a real everlasting livingness and truth – that energy and life do not end; that the reality of life is the unbounded abundance of love, beauty and good, which is discovered on this planet in the body of the one humanity through contrast; that youthfulness is eternal; and that what seems to be many, is one.

Humanity’s essential goodness and superpower of playfulness are awakening, and they must be fueled, recognized, valued and encouraged to grow and be known. The emerging reality of the world of energy brings stimulating energies and forces that have not yet been known, and playfulness is a necessary key that will enable and ensure that humanity can meet and greet these new and unfamiliar energies and forces with goodness, steadiness, stability, resilience and levity to step into its bright future as a skillful energy-wielding steward of good for all.

JULY 11, 2017



What kind of world do you see us living in by 2025? How did we get there?

From the most visible billionaires and world leaders to the person in the street, people are re-thinking and re-imagining the future, the kind of world we live in and the kind of world we want to live in. We see an urgency in this re-imagining and in new efforts and calls to move humanity forward, address world needs and solve world crises.

But if we don’t recognize an emerging new reality and the fact that a world collaborative of good exists, these noble efforts and calls will be incomplete and ineffective in the long run because they do not ultimately and fully realize or address the true root sources and causes of the effects and world happenings that we are living today.


It is a reality based on the fact that we are one shared humanity and one shared planet with one shared purpose of evolving together.

It is a reality based on the fact that we have called this reality into emerging at this moment ourselves through our individual and collective acts of goodness and our individual and collective responses to points of tension.

It is a reality based on the fact that we and the world are more than what meets the eye and more than just minds, emotions and physical bodies.

It is a reality based on the fact that we are greater and better than materialism, power struggles, selfish interests, the collecting of things, accomplishments and territory, and destruction in the name of nations and ideologies.

It is a reality based on the fact that a world plan of good exists and wise world teachers down through the ages have shared the substance of this plan as a force of love and illumination at key points in our shared progress to guide humanity and the planet moving forward.

So what is this reality?


This world of energy has always existed, operating behind and beyond the physical scenes, producing effects and happenings in response to humanity’s actions down through the ages that continue impacting us and shaping our experiences today and into the future – individually and collectively.

Even though a vast majority of the world is not yet awake to this world of energy, interplays of energies impact every one of us and every aspect of our lives every day.

But people are waking up. In the global divide between coming together and standing apart, we sense a shift, a stirring, a crossroads. Yoga is everywhere. Meditation is the new (ancient) wisdom of the moment. Namaste is normal. Mindfulness is medicine. And the Pope is the Dude who abides in voicing much of what the world needs to hear. (If the “Dude who abides” reference is unfamiliar, search “The Big Lebowski”).

Our shared humanity has been at moments like this before, but this one is different because more people – no matter what they believe or how they believe – are striving for good. The definitions of what is good and the ways of achieving good may clash – sometimes violently – but the underlying world intent, world aspiration, world impulse and even world pressure is the attempt to bring what is believed to be good and right for happy, healthy, abundant living. More people are sensing and responding to this impulse, and we are inevitably moving forward, even as the individual, organizational, national, international, religious, spiritual and secular experiments and execution of this living are often imperfect.

Because we have achieved so many life-changing advances in one short century, our moving forward together has accelerated, and the window to the world of energy and the interplays of energies is opening because we are ready to be responsive and responsible for how they are wielded. The purpose, prayers and pains of all peoples’ and all nations’ efforts to achieve, share and sometimes impose their visions for right living have called, the massed voice of the call has sounded a rippling note into the interplaying energies, and the waiting wise collaborative body of world teachers stewarding the underlying world plan of good is readied to respond to the call right on schedule as we approach 2025.


How would life be different if we truly realized the reality – not just the idea – that every thought, every word, every action, every sound bite, every social media post, every piece of news, every belief and every experience we ingest and put out is a concrete energy set in motion that we are responsible for and that forms a diet that nourishes us or toxifies us?

How would life be different if we truly knew that each of us in our individual and collective choices can influence the ocean of interplaying energies that impacts us and others, and that these energy-informed choices can shift the tides very quickly – more quickly than anything we’ve ever seen before?

What kind of world could we create in the seven short years before we arrive at 2025 if we started living the realities that all is living energy, that we are citizens of the world of energy behind and beyond the physical world that we think we know, that we are all souls using minds, emotions and bodies as vehicles to experience and relate in the world, that a world plan of good exists as a force of love stewarded by a wise and available collaborative of world teachers, and that this world plan and these world teachers are externalizing as they have at other key moments in our shared history?

We are World Helpers and Stewards of Good who call on you to be part of this window for this new world and living. How?

> By having a conversation with us to learn more about the emerging reality that you already sense if you have read through this letter.

> By funding works of the world of energy that we are stewarding to help move humanity and the planet forward, together. Lives with resources are urgently needed to fund these world works as a station and reservoir of good to help offset the forces of division, to create the conditions for unity, and especially to prepare the way for the externalizing world teachers and their forerunners who are already here stewarding and sharing the world plan of good as forces of love in this window of moving forward through 2025.

> By being a Volunteer for World Good sharing your time, talent, experience, energy and love for humanity with the world of energy works and causes to harness the power of the Volunteer Heart as a world force of good.

Hope for an astoundingly bright and united world for all stands before us. It is not impossible. It is closer and more possible than we think. It just takes one step over the threshold into the world of energy and energies that already exist all around us. One open heart, one open mind, one living soul can make a world of difference. Many open hearts, many open minds, many living souls coming together as kindred spirits in energy can change the world.

Will you join us, together in heart, hand, mind and spirit, as a light and force of energy for good in action for this bright world?

If you’re inspired to respond to the call of evolving together,

we invite you to reach out to us at


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